Midnite Solar 1000Amp Battery Combiner Box 100mV


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The battery combiner made by Midnite Solar is the perfect solution for large battery system that require multiple DC connections. The 1,000Amp positive and negative bus bars can accommodate multiple inverters, charge controllers and accessories facilitating a clean connection to the battery bank.

The combiner features a smart design with plenty of knockouts for conduit, space for an optional bus bar, and breaker slots for conductor overcurrent protection.

The combiner MNBCB-1000/100 includes a 1,000Amp / 100miliVolt shunt to operate most inverters (Outback Power, Magnum Energy, Schneider) except for the SMA Sunny Island inverter.

The Midnite combiners are made with powder coated steel and are 3R rated for indoor use. One MNBCB-1000/100 combiner can allocate up to 12 MNEDC battery breakers and can be used with multiple inverters.

The combiner is fitted with 3/8″ studs for attaching battery cable lugs. Cables can be double lugged; it is also possible to drill the copper bus bar for additional mounting holes. 3/8″ stainless bolts are recommended for battery cable connections when additional holes are drilled.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 35.5 × 22 × 9.75 inches
Weight: 50 lbs

Combiner features:
– Max. AC Voltage – 277VAC
– Max. DC Voltage – 300VDC
– Max. Wire Size – 4/0
– 12 Number of Spaces
– 3/8” studs for attaching battery cable lugs.
– 5 year warranty
– Made in USA


MidNite Solar

MidNite Solar is an American manufacturing company that produces a wide range of alternative energy products. They started by making disconnect boxes for the alternative energy industry; later on they became a leading renewable energy manufacturer with the launch of the well known Classic series of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers. MidNite offers a full line of pre-wired, battery based systems for standalone off grid, battery based grid tie, as well as AC coupled battery backup installations providing a wide range of solutions for residential and commercial projects. MidNite Solar is the largest manufacturer of DC combiner boxes in the US, their boxes and enclosures are made in Arlington, WA and meet all NEC requirements. Additionally they offer full range of Surge Protection Devices (SPD), wiring enclosures, breaker boxes and a full line of DC and AC breakers commonly used in renewable energy systems.