Midnite Solar Display Panel for Classic Charge Controllers


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The MNGP Midnite Graphics Display Panel is compatible with all Classic charge controllers. It can be used as secondary remote control and display unit or it can be mounted directly on the front of the controller.

About Classic MPPT Charge Controllers
The MidNite Classic charge controller offers maximum flexibility and a number of features that will increase the reliability of your off-grid systems and the life cycle of your batteries. The MidNite Classic  offers arc fault detection that will be required by the NEC. These charge controllers also include ground fault protection so that a separate GFP breaker assembly is not necessary and leaves those breaker spaces free for other uses.

There are currently 2 Classic models that can accommodate large solar arrays with up to 150, 200, or 250 VDC of operating voltage.

The Classic
The Classic is a feature-rich charge controller designed by Midnite Solar. The Standard Classic features:

– 2 auxiliary outputs
– 1 auxiliary input
– Hyper VOC Extended VOC Limit
– Compatible with solar, wind, and hydro systems
– Ground fault protection
– Arc fault protection
– Graphics display
– Works with My Midnite and Local App (free firmware upgrades)
– Multiple display support
– Enabled for internet connectivity
– Five year warranty

The Classic SL
MPPT controllers are designed to be used in wind and microhydro systems in addition to solar PV systems, but as the vast majority of Classic controllers have been installed in solar PV systems, Midnite Solar designed a simplified version that is programmed to operate exclusively with solar PV systems.

This new version, the Classic SL, has other features removed to further reduce the cost of the unit, which include arc fault protection and internet connectivity.

The Classic SL does not feature:
– Compatibility with wind and hydro energy systems
– Arc fault protection
– Internet connectivity


MidNite Solar

MidNite Solar is an American manufacturing company that produces a wide range of alternative energy products. They started by making disconnect boxes for the alternative energy industry; later on they became a leading renewable energy manufacturer with the launch of the well known Classic series of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers. MidNite offers a full line of pre-wired, battery based systems for standalone off grid, battery based grid tie, as well as AC coupled battery backup installations providing a wide range of solutions for residential and commercial projects. MidNite Solar is the largest manufacturer of DC combiner boxes in the US, their boxes and enclosures are made in Arlington, WA and meet all NEC requirements. Additionally they offer full range of Surge Protection Devices (SPD), wiring enclosures, breaker boxes and a full line of DC and AC breakers commonly used in renewable energy systems.