MK Battery 8A27DT-DEKA 100Ah, 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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MK Battery specializes in VRLA sealed lead acid batteries; with 30 years of design experience and using the latest manufacturing technology, today their batteries are one of the best choices for solar and renewable energy systems. Sealed Gel and AGM batteries are the preferred choice for energy systems in remote locations with difficult access where power reliability is a priority. MK Battery is continuously rotating its inventory, ensuring that all the batteries shipped are fresh. The proper disposal of the returned batteries are facilitated through their multiple EPA permitted distribution centers across the US.

Absorbed glass mat or AGM batteries are valve regulated (VRLA) and completely sealed. They do not require periodic watering and they can be installed without active ventilation since they do not produce corrosive acid fumes. The sealed construction prevents spills commonly seen around flooded battery banks. The positive plates in an AGM battery are surrounded by the glass mat which reduces the chances of damage caused by vibrations (mobile applications) and extended cycling. Due to their chemistry and constructions, AGM batteries perform better than flooded batteries in extremely cold environments. They are also preferred in high power and current intense applications.

MK / DEKA AGM batteries have a very efficient recombination process. They are produced under ISO 9001 quality controls and are UL certified. They are constructed using Individual plate formation (IPF®) ensuring voltage matching between the cells. DEKA AGM batteries are considered a non-spillable by ICAO/IATA/DOT facilitating transportation without special containers.

Technical specifications for DEKA valve regulated AGM battery 8A27DT-DEKA:
Nominal voltage: 12V
Capacity at 20hr: 92Ah
Capacity at 100hr: 100Ah

Dimensions and weight:
Length: 12.72in
Width: 6.8in
Height 9.31in (including terminal)
Weight: 63lbs

Complete list of MK Battery DEKA sealed AGM batteries:

MK Part Number Terminal Type Voltage (V) Capacity C20 / C100 (Ah) Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs)
8AU1H-DEKA T873 12 32 / 37 8.31 5.13 7.22 23.0
8A22NF-DEKA T881 12 55 / 63 9.72 5.47 9.24 37.0
8A24UT-DEKA T881 12 79 / 91 10.90 6.80 9.31 52.0
8A24DT-DEKA DT 12 79 / 91 10.90 6.56 9.31 52.0
8A27-DEKA T876 12 100 / 106 12.83 6.56 9.30 61.5
8A27DT-DEKA DT 12 100 / 106 12.83 6.56 9.30 61.5
8A31DT-DEKA DT 12 105 / 110 12.93 6.75 9.33 67.5
8A4DLTP-DEKA LTP 12 198 / 210 20.75 8.44 10.82 133.5
8A8DLTP-DEKA LTP 12 245 / 250 21.03 11.00 10.82 163.0
8AGC2-DEKA DT 6 190 / 220 10.25 7.09 10.88 68.0


MK Battery - DEKA

DEKA has an extensive number of distribution centers across the United States. It is operated by MK Battery and owned by East Penn Mfg. Co. Inc. MK Battery operates from their headquarters in Anaheim, California; it was founded in 1983 and currently has more than 100 employees. They specialize in deep-cycle and standby power applications and has become one of the largest suppliers of sealed lead acid batteries. Their batteries are made in the US with the highest environmental standards as well as quality. We focus on deep cycle batteries for renewable energy systems, but it is worth mentioning that MK Battery also manufacture batteries for the health care, communications, biomedical, security, recreational and other industries.