Morningstar PC MeterBus Adapter

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The PC Meterbus Adapter (MSC) converts a controller’s meter RJ-11 port (phone type connector) to a standard RS-232 serial connector for connection to a PC or other equipment. The adapter may be used with any Morningstar controller or inverter equipped with a meter connection that does not also already have a RS-232 port. The Meterbus Adapter is compatible with the following Morningstar products:

TriStar MPPT
ProStar MPPT
SunSaver MPPT
TriStar PWM
SunSaver Duo
SureSine Inverter

The MSC comes as a kit and includes one RJ-11 cable with connectors, RS-232 cable with connectors and the PC MeterBus adapter.



Morningstar Corporation is a manufacturer of solar charge controllers. They started in 1993 and are based in Newtown, PA. Over three million Morningstar units have been sold through their network of dealers around the world. Morningstar's charge controllers have set new standards in performance, quality, reliability and innovative features, and global solar markets have consistently recognized Morningstar’s products as the industry’s best overall customer value. Their manufacturing is conducted in a fully automated ISO 9001 facility, they perform 100% functional testing on every product, using the latest computerized test equipment and processes.

PC MeterBus Adapter


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