Multi-Contact MC4 Safety Locking Sleeve PV-SSH4


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Use the MC4 Locking Sleeve when solar modules are equipped with Multi- Contact Type 4 clickable connectors. In order to comply with the 2008 National Electric code for accessible arrays, the plug connection must be secured with the UL approved, pluggable safety lock clip (PV-SSH4).

Once the clip PV-SSH4 is installed, the PV plug connection can only be unlocked using the PV-MS tool.



Multi-Contact has been the leading manufacturer of electrical connectors for the solar industry. Multi-Contact has been part of the Stäubli Group for may years and in 2017 Multi-Contact (MC) started operating under the new Stäubli Electrical Connectors brand. Their international headquarters office is located in Allschwil, Switzerland; the group currently employs over 5000 people in 29 countries.