Quick Mount QBox Junction Box for Composition Shingle Roofs, QMQB-J1 B


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The QMQB-J1 flashed junction box is made from a high weather resistant polycarbonate material, which provides durable and compatible with all environments enclosure. It is used to provide a waterproof connection for the conduit which goes from the pass-through box to the attic. It has a black anodized aluminum flashing so it is ideal for use in composition shingle roofs since it provides a more aesthetic view.

The QBox has been made with a patented technology exclusively from Quick Mount PV. This is the Elevated Water Seal Technology. This unique design provides a complete waterproof installation on your composition shingle roof. It is also easy to install since it comes with all the necessary components for its installation on the roof deck while combining up to two strings of conductors.

Quick Mount PV QMQB-J1 B composition shingle roof mount junction box features:

– There is no need for grounding the box since the enclosure has been made from a non-conductible material.
– It is a 12″x12″ roof flashing made with the Elevated Seal Technology.
– Weather resistant and durable, suitable for all environments. 
– Enclosure size:  5.5″ x 5.75″
– It can be used to transition one string, two in parallel or two combined strings.
– Product warranty: 5- years limited.

Product made in the USA.


QuickMount PV

QuickMount PV makes flashing for a variety of solar racking systems and roof types. QuickMount PV is protecting more solar roofs in the US than any other roofing company. The company headquarters and technical support team is located in Walnut Creek, CA. Since the founding of the company in 2006, “Made in the USA” has become a central policy behind Quick Mount PV’s ongoing efforts to bring job growth, security and sustainability to our environment, our economy, and the energy industry.

QBox Junction Box QMQB-J1 B


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