Rennsteig Solar Crimp Tool R624 000 3


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Use this crimp tool from Reensteig to make safe, reliable and lasting connections for your solar systems. The tool features a comfortable plastic grip, a high-precision ratchet and a 1.2 ton crimping pressure with minimal hand effort.

The Rennsteig R624 000 3 tool frame can be used with interchangeable die sets and locators. Use the specific die se for every kind of terminal (connector) and wire size. Die sets are available for Multi-Contact MC4, Tyco Solarlok and Amphenol Helios connectors and wire sizes ranging from 16AWG to 8AWG.

The Locator holds the terminal in place so that one person can make a good crimp in the right section of the terminal. The locator will help you make sure that every terminal has a good connection with consistent quality every time.

Die sets and Locators are sold separately. This item includes only the tool frame. All components are top-quality Rennsteig designed and made in Germany specially for the solar industry.



Rennsteig Werkzeuge is a German producer of high quality hand tools. They design crimping, cutting, and stripping tools with the professional solar installer in mind. Their high-quality tools are made in Germany and are known for being user friendly and ergonomic. Besides the solar energy industry, Rennsteig also produces tools for automotive, aerospace and construction applications.