Replacement Nose Cone for Air 40 Wind Turbine


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Primus Windpower replacement nose cone for Air 40 wind turbine 3-CMBP-2015-01. The Nose Cone is included with the original package upon purchasing the Air 40 wind turbine, however, it can also be purchased and shipped separately in the event that the original is damaged, worn down, or lost. The Primus Nose Cone is made of a high-end, durable, very light weight, plastic, weighing less than one pound. It snaps on easily to the front of the hub cap; no tools are necessary for assembly.


Primus Windpower

Primus Wind Power is located just outside of Denver, Colorado and has been a leading producer of wind turbines in the United States since the 1990's. They acquired the AIR turbine from Southwest WindPower (in 2013). Primus manufactures their products here in the U.S. and ships directly from their Colorado location. They are committed to satisfying off-grid, marine and residential customers with high-end wind turbines for many different applications. They have engineered five different turbine models to better suit their clienteles needs for specific projects. The Primus turbines weigh less than 20 pounds but they are extremely durable, reliable and efficient. In addition to their turbines, they also design and manufacture their own blades and control devices such as the Wind Control Panel. They offer their most common replacement parts and accessories to the public including blade replacement kits, replacement nose cones, pole and stays mounts for marine purposes, hardware kits, stop/start switches, and control panels for improved monitoring. In their literature (website) Primus offers several detailed graphs showing peak wind and solar resources in certain regions throughout the U.S., and whether these regions benefit more from solar, wind, or a combination of the two. Primus Wind Power offers a 5-year warranty on all their wind turbines, as well as accessible technical support staff for any issues that may arise while installing or maintaining your wind turbine.