Schneider Conext MPPT 100 600 Charge Controller


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The Schneider Conext MPPT 100 600 solar charge controller accepts large PV arrays with string configurations up to 600 Volts DC. The higher operating voltage will reduce wiring costs and allow for a greater distance between the solar panels and the batteries.

The MPPT 100 600 is a ventilated controller rated for indoor use; additionally, it features a built-in and aluminum heat sink, and configurable auxiliary output used to drive a load control relay or other active devices like external vent fans and alarms. Its aluminum sheet metal casing has knockouts for fittings from 1/2″ to 1-1/4″.

The Conext charge controller communicates seamlessly with other Conext equipment like the Schneider SW and XW Pro inverters. The Conext communication accessories (not included) allow for remote monitoring and configuration. It comes with a standard five-year warranty.

The MPPT charge controller comes with ground fault protection (GFDI) and a battery temperature sensor. Note that the charging output is not affected by the ambient temperature de-rating for temperatures up to 113F (45C).

Specs for Conext MPPT 100 600 Charge Controller:

Battery voltage (VDC): 24, 48
Maximum PV Voc: 600V
Maximum PV Isc: 35A
Maximum output power: 6,000W
Maximum charge current: 100A
Battery types: Flooded, Gel, AGM, Lithium, custom
Weight: 13.5 kg (29.8 lb)

List of compatible Schneider Products

Product Schneider Part No.
XW Pro hybrid inverter XW Pro 6848 120/240 VAC (865-6848-21), XW Pro 8548 230 VAC 865-8548-55)
XW+ hybrid inverter XW+ 8548 230 VAC (865-8548-61)
SW IEC (230 VAC) SW 4024 230 VAC (865-4024-55), SW 4048 230 VAC (865-4048-55)
SW UL (120/240 VAC) SW 4024 120/240 VAC (865-4024-21), SW 4048 120/240 VAC (865-4048-21)
XW Power Distribution Panels 865-1015-01, 865-1014-01
XW Mini Power Distribution Panels 865-1013-01
MPPT Disconnect RS and RS initiator Switch 865-1036, 865-1039
Insight Energy Management InsightHome (865-0330), InsightFacility (865-0335), Insight
Conext System Control Panel 865-1050-01
Conext Automatic Generator Start 865-1060-01
Conext Battery Monitor 865-1080-01



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