Schneider Conext SW AC Breaker Panel 120/240V


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Not sold individually. Sold with Conext inverters and charge controllers only.

Pair the SW AC Breaker Panel 120/240V (part no. 865-1017) with the DC Breaker Panel (part no. 865-1016) to safely make all AC and DC connections for your Conext SW energy system.

The AC Breaker Panel can be configured to operate with 120/240V single-phase or split-phase systems. It comes pre-installed with multiple AC breakers for additional loads. It supports the integration of fuel-based generators providing a central load center for managing all your AC power outputs and inputs.

The Conext SW AC Breaker Panel part number 865-1017 includes:
– Distribution panel box
– Distribution panel cover
– (2) Double-pole 30-amp AC Breaker (bundled)
– (1) Double-pole 60-amp AC Breaker
– (4) Jumper Bar (pre-installed)
– (1) Handle Interlock Device (pre-installed)
– (6) 10AWG AC Wire (black, pre-wired)
– (2) 10AWG AC Wire (red, pre-wired)
– (1) 10AWG AC Wire (white, pre-wired)
– (1) 12AWG Ground Wire (green, pre-wired)
– (4) Terminal buses (one each – L1, L2, Ground, Neutral)

About Conext SW DC Breaker Panel

The Schneider Conext SW DC breaker panel (part no. 865-1016) houses your main DC disconnect and overcurrent protection for the Conext SW inverter/charger. The pre-installed 250A 160VDC breaker stops DC power from the battery bank to the rest of the equipment. It will facilitate a smooth and safe installation for residential backup power, off-grid solar systems, and self-consumption.

All the connections made inside the Breaker Panel are safe and code-compliant; there is ample room for all DC connections, such as the battery bank, charge controller, and inverter input. It comes with a DC shunt and two spaces for additional breakers. It is possible to install two DC Breaker Panels when using a dual Conext SW inverter system;


The Conext SW DC Breaker Panel part number 865-1016 includes:
– Distribution panel box
– Distribution panel cover
– (1) 250Amp DC breaker (pre-installed)
– (1) positive copper bus bar (pre-installed)
– (1) negative copper bus bar (pre-installed)
– (1) mounting bracket
– Expansion positions available for two DC breakers



Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in the world, they currently employ over 150,000 people globally. They develop connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. For the renewable energy industry they offer a full range of power conversion solutions covering off-grid, AC coupled, DC couple and back up power applications. Some of their most well known products are DC/AC inverters, AC battery chargers, solar charge controllers, disconnect switches, wiring enclosures and monitoring devices. Schneider Electric offers US based technical and warranty support.

Conext SW AC Breaker Panel Datasheet


Datasheet for Schneider Conext SW AC breaker panel