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We are experiencing issues with Schneider's support and warranties. We recommend considering a different inverter manufacturer.

The Conext SW4048 NA inverter and charger is ideal for customers looking for off-grid back-up power and self-consumption applications. The hybrid inverter system is pure sine wave, with switchable 50/60 Hz frequencies. All SW-NA inverters feature 120/240 VAC output, and are capable of outputting 120/240 VAC from a 120 VAC input, without an external transformer.

The Conext SW-NA technology has integrated fuel-based generators to extend off-grid capacity. These generators are necessary to support loads larger than the generator’s rated output. The inverter is self-consumption ready and able to prioritize solar consumption over the grid while not exporting energy to the grid. The SW-NA instead works with the grid to avoid peak utility charges. The inverter will support the grid when the utility’s supply is limited.

It is possible to stack two SW-NA units to double the total output power of the system. The additional solar charge controllers will allow for the integration of solar capacity, as it is required.

Currently there are 3 Schneider SW-NA inverter/charger models available:

SW2524 with continuous 2400W output power and nominal 24VDC
SW4024 with continuous 3400W output power and nominal 24VDC
SW4048 with continuous 3800W output power and nominal 48VDC

The SW-NA inverter/charger supports AC coupled and DC coupled off-grid and grid-tie configurations and is ideal for applications such as:
– Residential backup power
– Residential grid-tie solar with backup power
– Residential self-consumption
– Off-Grid residential solar power systems

Solar residential backup power
The Conext inverter becomes part of the residential electrical system. It will convert the energy stored in the battery bank into power to run the critical loads. When an extended power outage is present the Conext SW communicates  with the generator to support critical loads while recharging the batteries.

Solar grid-tie inverters with battery backup
For safety reasons all grid-tie inverters shut down when a power outage occurs; therefore even with a solar electric system installed your home will not have power during an outage. If you already have grid-tie PV system installed and are selling power to the grid a Conext inverter will allow you to retrofit your installation to have backup power during outages. While the utility grid is down you will be able to run your critical loads from the energy stored in the batteries. The batteries will be recharged when the grid power is back on. In this mode you cannot recharge the batteries while the grid is down.

Residential PV power and self-consumption
If you are are in a time-of-day billing cycle, avoid consuming energy from the grid during peak hours when the rates are at the highest. The Conext inverters will enter self-consumption mode and will prioritize the energy stored in your battery bank and generated by your solar system over the grid power. When set up correctly, this mode will help solar system owners avoid high utility energy rates. Moreover, Conext inverters feature a ParallelPower mode, where a maximum consumption set point is recorded and the inverter will support the grid to shave those temporary loads that exceed the peak load. This feature can be significantly helpful for homeowners subject to tier-based electric tariffs.

Residential off-grid solar systems
When you are entirely away from the grid, the Conext inverters will function as your primary source of energy, simulating the voltage and frequency of the grid. The energy available is limited by the the capacity of the battery bank. All Conext inverter/charger can be paired with external generators to aid the solar system and battery bank during periods when heavier loads are required.

Complete off-grid systems using Conext SW inverters are available. For more information please visit

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Schneider Electric is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in the world, they currently employ over 150,000 people globally. They develop connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. For the renewable energy industry they offer a full range of power conversion solutions covering off-grid, AC coupled, DC couple and back up power applications. Some of their most well known products are DC/AC inverters, AC battery chargers, solar charge controllers, disconnect switches, wiring enclosures and monitoring devices. Schneider Electric offers US based technical and warranty support.

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