Seaward Solar Power Clamp


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Seaward’s Solar Power Clamp is much more than a voltmeter, it is a robust power analyzer for PV systems. It will enable you to make efficiency measurements, troubleshooting and maintenance in solar systems of any size. Solar Power Clamp is designed with installers and PV technicians in mind, it capable of taking current readings in AC and DC circuits. The clamp meter also includes diagnosis check to facilitate troubleshooting and maintenance. Some of the included features are:

    DC power measurement
    AC and AC+DC true continuous power (RMS) reading
    Power Factor
    Total harmonic distortion and harmonics 1 – 25
    Phase rotation indication
    Measure current and voltage
    Smart data hold and peak hold
    Non-contact voltage indicator


Seaward Solar

Seaward Solar is part of Seaward Group; they are based in Tampa, Florida. They develop and manufacture a range of solar PV testers to meet PV commissioning, maintenance and operational requirements. They are well known for their I-V curve traces and PV system maintenance tools. In addition Seaward Solar offers extensive training on solar PV testing for all Seaward Solar customers.

Seaward Solar Power Clamp


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