Silent Blue Carbon Fiber Blade Kit with Hardware


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Silentwind rotor blue blades are made 100% with high-tech carbon fiber. They are hand laminated with epoxy resin, they are UV resistant extremely durable. The blades have been tested and optimized in a independent wind tunnel. They were successfully tested for hurricane wind speeds of 122km/h according to DIN EN 61400-2. Each set of 3 blades is balanced for low vibration reducing noise emissions to a minimum. If you are concerned about weight, these are the lightest and strongest blades you will find.

The Silentwind Rotorblades are compatible with some of the Primus Windpower wind turbines. Use blade kit number 2-ARBL-102-01 for turbines Air X and Silent X. Use the kit with the hub adapter part number 2-ARBL-102 for Air 40 and Air Breeze.

The kit includes 3 blades and installation hardware.



Silentwind is a Portuguese company with German management. It was established in 1993; they specialize on designing small wind turbines for marine vessels that operate under particularly difficult conditions. They are known for their low noise rotorblades made of 100% carbon fiber material, hand laminated and UV-resistant. The carbon fiber blue blades were introduced in 2008 as a replacement part and quickly became Silentwind's flagship. The carbon fiber blades now come standard with the famous Silentwind's 400W wind generator. Today you can find Silentwind turbines around the globe in applications such as sailboats, RVs, motorhomes, cabins, telecoms, military, monitoring stations, water pumping, agricultural.