Silentwind 400 Wind Generator 12V


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The Silentwind 12V Wind Generator has 3 blades and can operate in low, medium and high winds with 420 Watts output. The Silentwind Wind Generator output is highly rated, with efficient start-up performance and a start up speed of 2.2 m/s, and a charging speed of 2.5 m/s. Silentwind Wind tubines utilize high quality engineering that incorporates high tensile carbon fiber blades that are very durable, UV resistant and have a long production life.

Their aircraft engineered, aerodynamically designed blades are not only rated with high efficiency, but are also lightweight at 150g for each blade, and incorporate maximum noise reduction. The Silentwind Wind Generators have a high safety rating and require little maintenance once installed. They include an external Hybrid BOOST charge controller for wind and solar energy with a multi-function display panel. Also included is an electronic/manual stop start switch for ease of operation.

3-year warranty included.

Specs for Windgenerator 12V:
Rotor diameter: 1.15m (meters)
RPM range: 550-1700 UPM
Weight of generator: 6.8kg
Package dimensions: 780x400x210mm weight: 10 kg
Generator type: Permanent magnet generator, 3 phases, AC
Rated peak power at: 14.5m/s

Max. power input windgenerator: 600 W
Max. current input windgenerator: 40 A
Max. power input solar: 550Wp
Max. current input solar: 40A
Max. open circuit voltage input solar: 50VDC



Silentwind is a Portuguese company with German management. It was established in 1993; they specialize on designing small wind turbines for marine vessels that operate under particularly difficult conditions. They are known for their low noise rotorblades made of 100% carbon fiber material, hand laminated and UV-resistant. The carbon fiber blue blades were introduced in 2008 as a replacement part and quickly became Silentwind's flagship. The carbon fiber blades now come standard with the famous Silentwind's 400W wind generator. Today you can find Silentwind turbines around the globe in applications such as sailboats, RVs, motorhomes, cabins, telecoms, military, monitoring stations, water pumping, agricultural.

Silentwind Generator 12V


Technical specifications for Silentwind Windgenerator 12V