SMA 200A Automatic Backup Unit for Sunny Boy Storage


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Automatic Backup Unit

SMA Automatic Backup Unit (ABU) offers an integrated backup power solutions for homeowners. SMA built the ABU with a 200A rated contractor; the contractor automatically disconnects the entire home energy system from the grid during the event of a power outage.

The backup unit comes with two 50A breakers: for the incoming PV power and battery inverter output. The integrated autotransformer balances the power imbalance across phases. It has up to up to 5 kVA capacity; it reduces the potential for system interruption due to imbalanced loads in the household.

The ABU also features a built-in energy consumption metering with pre-installed current transformers as well as a backup controller, which manages and stabilizes the micro-grid. The controller is an essential component; it monitors solar generation, load consumption, and battery state-of-charge.

SMA model: SBS-ABU-200-US-10
Rated grid voltage: 240V
Maximum current (input & output): 200A
Warranty: 10 years

For installation guide, user manual, and additional documentation visit SMA supporting documents download section.

Sunny Boy Storage

The Sunny Boy Storage inverter is the interface between the solar panels, the utility grid, and residential energy storage batteries. SMA’s storage inverter operates under an AC-coupled architecture, making it the ideal solution to retrofit existing grid-tie solar PV systems.

The Sunny Boy Storage inverters come standard with a similar feature to the Secure Power Supply found in the US-41 grid-interactive units. During a grid outage, either day or night, the Backup Lite feature provides up to 2000W of power directly from the inverter. For a full home power solution, pair the storage inverter with SMA Automatic Backup Unit and industry-leading high-voltage battery pack.

The full family of Sunny Boy Storage inverters include the following 3 models:

Sunny Boy Storage Model Nominal Power Backup Overload Secure Power Supply – Backup Lite
SBS3.8-US-10 3,800W 4,800W 2,000W
SBS5.0-US-10 5,000W 6,250W 2,000W
SBS6.0-US-10 6,000W 7,680W 2,000W

Secure Power Supply – Backup Lite

The Secure Power Supply (SPS) feature comes standard with the SMA Sunny Boy US-41 series inverters. It is SMA’s battery-less solution for daytime power outages. The SPS can provide up to 2000W to a dedicated outlet wired directly to the Sunny Boy inverter. Backup Lite feature included in the Sunny Boy Storage inverter provide similar benefits during night time.  

To benefit from the SPS feature, you need a switch, grounded outlet, box, and conduit to wire (not included with inverter). The SPS output in the US-41 inverters is 2000W; the equipment and wires installed have to be sized to handle the 16 Amps of current the SPS can supply.

Install the SPS during the original solar installation or later on as a retrofit. Please note that the Secure Power Supply feature is not compatible with SMA TS4 module optimizer units.

Complete grid-tie systems

We offer complete residential solar systems using the Sunny Boy US-41, Sunny Boy Storage inverters as well as TS4 modules. For more information please visit


Complete solar systems delivered to your home


SMA America

SMA America is a pioneer in photovoltaics power conversion, they started in 1981 in Germany. Today they are a top 3 inverter manufacturer worldwide with presence in 15 different countries including the United States and Canada. In 2011 they opened the solar academy in California to help installers understand SMA’s technology and bring that knowledge to the home of thousand of homeowners in the US. SMA staples are the Sunny Island inverters for off-grid and remote applications and the Sunny Boy inverters for residential and small commercial applications. In recent years they added the Tripower line of commercial inverters ranging from 12kW to 30kW per unit. Some of their inverters are assembled in Colorado and qualify for the ARRA recovery act. All their units are UL listed and comply with the most recent requirements in the National Electric Code (NEC). Additionally SMA provides their Sunny Portal free of charge to SMA users. It is one of the most advanced energy communication platforms; all SMA inverters can transfer production data to the Sunny Portal. The portal is accessible to system owners via the Internet, where they can view and monitor their system’s performance in great detail. SMA America has raised the bar in the solar industry for over 30 years and they certainly will continue to do so.

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