SMA Sunny Boy SB7.7-1SP-US-41 Inverter with Integrated Disconnect


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Introducing the new Sunny Boy US inverter series, a revolutionary step forward in bottom line savings and the next generation of residential PV technology. Robust feature set and simplified design mean reduced costs for residential solar installations. The Sunny Boy US features an integrated DC disconnect, simplifying the installation and providing a safe system operation.

It features multiple independent input channels, each with SMA OpticTrac technology. This allows for hundreds of possible string configurations, even on roofs with complex layouts and shading issues.

Enhanced communication capabilities remove the need for additional equipment in system monitoring; the ethernet or wireless connection to SMA sunny portal facilitates a superior monitoring solution. SMA installation assistant and smartphone commissioning capabilities make getting systems up and running faster and easier than ever before.

In the event of a daytime grid failure, SMA Secure Power Supply (SPS) can produce up to 2,000Watts of energy directly from the solar panels and without the added expense of batteries.

The inverters two-part design separates the connection unit from the power unit, ensuring simple expedited servicing. The enhanced AFCI provides improved sensitivity for detecting arcs and less issues with false tripping allowing for greater safety and a reduction in troubleshooting.

Additional advanced features, like it’s off-grid capabilities and full grid management functionality, make this the most advanced Sonny Boy yet, offering a superior residential solution.

SMA model: SB7.7-1SP-US-41
Rated power: 7700W
Features Secure Power Supply (SPS)
Transformerless with Arc-Fault Protection
Operating voltage: 208/240VAC
Integrated DC disconnect
Number of MPPT inputs: 3
Connectivity: Built in Ethernet/WLAN
Warranty: 10 years

The full family of US-40 inverters include the following 6 models:

SMA ModelMax. Usable DC Power at 240VNumber of MPPT Trackers

The Secure Power Supply (SPS) feature is included in the new SMA Sunny Boy US-41 series inverters. It is SMA’s battery-less solution for daytime power outages. The SPS can provide up to 2000W to a dedicated outlet wired directly to the Sunny Boy inverter.

As with the previous version of the SPS, you will need a switch, grounded outlet, box and conduit in order wire and benefit from the SPS feature built into the selected SMA Sunny Boy inverters. The SPS output in the US-41 inverters is 2000W so the equipment and wired installed needs to be able to handle the 16 Amps of current the SPS can supply.

The SPS can be installed during the original solar installation or later on as a retrofit. Please note that not all Sunny Boy inverters include the SPS feature.

The best way to test the correct wiring of the SPS is to decommission the inverter and turn off AC breakers to simulate a grid failure. Once the correct functioning of the SPS is verified, turn off the SPS switch and turn back on the AC breakers to connect the inverter back to the grid.

Complete grid-tie systems using Sunny Boy US-40 inverters are available. For more information please visit

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