Solaria PowerXT-360R-PD 360W All Black Solar Panel


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Solaria has developed their PowerXT high power solar panels in California. The unique assembly of the solar panel and form cutting the solar cells has been patented and proven as high quality. Solaria PowerXT solar panels have multiple highlights that standout over the conventional monocrystalline high efficiency panels.

The way the PowerXT solar cells are packed in series reduces the space between them; this increases the panel efficiency and power density. Additionally, all the ribbons and welds between solar cells have been eliminated, creating a very appealing all-black solar panel.

The Power XT module has improved its tolerance to shading losses. Its electrical design reduces power losses due to shading by interconnecting sub-strings in parallel. Solaria PowerXT modules are one of the highest power density modules available on the market today; they allow maximization of every square foot of roof space. The Solaria 350W PowerXT comes with a standard 25-year warranty. 

Solaria panel model: 360R-PD
All black solar module
Frame: 40mm, all black anodized aluminum
Nominal power: 360W
Maximum power voltage: 39.5V
Maximum power current: 9.13A
Open circuit voltage: 47.7V
Short circuit current: 9.56A
Panel efficiency: 19.9%

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Solaria was established in California in 2000. They have created one of the industry’s most technologically advanced solar module. Solaria solar modules have an efficiency above 19%; their modules are acclaimed for their outstanding aesthetics and field performance. Solaria owns over 65 issued and pending patents encompassing materials, processes, applications, products, manufacturing automation and equipment.

Solaria PowerXT-360R-PD


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