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The SolarLand SLB-0103 tilt mount bracket features two folding legs offering an adjustable tilt angle of your solar panels. It is packed as a kit with the brackets and hardware to mount SLP solar panels to a flat surface such as RV’s, Caravans, Boats, plus small structures such as sheds and garages.

The SLB-0103 bracket works best with SolarLand SLP solar panels from 45W to 150W, but you could use it with other solar panels of 675mm in width. Consider one SLB-0103 kit to mount one solar panel.

SLB-0103 kit includes: Mounting brackets, Tilt arm, and hardware
Til range: 20 to 90 deg.
Bracket material: 5052Al
Bolts material: AISI304
Wind load: 100 km/hr
Warranty: 5 year

Solarland panel mounting brackets compatibility table:

Type: Universal flush Tilt Single arm Double arm Double arm Clamp style Tilt
Mounts on: Z brackets Wall & Roof Wall & Side of pole Wall & Side of pole Wall & Side of pole Wall & Side of pole Wall & Roof
Material: Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Model: SLB-0102 SLB-0103 SLB-0112 SLB-0113 SLB-0114 SLB-0119 SLB-0120
Panel Size
3W Yes
5W Yes
10W Yes Yes Yes
20W Yes Yes Yes
30W Yes Yes
45W Yes Yes Yes
55W Yes Yes Yes Yes
70W Yes Yes Yes(12M) Yes (not 12M)
85W Yes Yes Yes
90W Yes Yes Yes (12M) Yes
100W Yes Yes Yes
110W Yes Yes Yes
120W Yes Yes Yes
140W Yes Yes Yes
150W Yes
160W Yes



SolarLand USA is a subsidiary of Solarland's factory in Wuxi, founded in 2003. They established in Grayslake, Illinois, in 2008 to better serve the American market. Solarland specializes in 6V, 12V, and 24V solar panels for mobile, off-grid, and remote applications. Their solar panels are assembled in China with non-Chinese PV cells, and they ship from their main distribution facility in Ontario, California. All Solarland panels are built with high-quality anodized aluminum frames and come with a 25-year standard warranty. In their Ontario warehouse, Solarland stocks large quantities of solar panels ranging from 3W to 160W to cover any of your DC-to-DC charging needs.

SolarLand Tilt Mount Bracket Datasheet


Datasheet for SolarLand SLB-0103 tilt mount bracket

SolarLand Tilt Mount Bracket Manual


Installation manual for SolarLand SLB-0103 tilt mount bracket

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