Solarland 12W 12V CSA Certified Solar Module


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Solarland line of CSA certified polycrystalline solar panels use standard aluminum frames and junction boxes to meet UL1703 standards. They are manufactured using the highest quality components to ensure longer life and excellent performance.  SolarLand CSA solar modules are designed for hazardous environments commonly found in facilities serving the oil and gas industry.

Small applications with solar panels ranging from 10W to 45W do not need very much in terms of battery charging. A small 10A charge controller would be enough to maintain the batteries in a healthy state of charge. The Phocos ECO-N-10-T is fully encapsulated with a IP68 casing made to handle harsh environments, it is the perfect match for Solarland CSA certified solar modules.

Solarland model: SLP012-12 CSA
Solarland part number: 012011232
Cell type: Polycrystalline
Rated power: 12 Watt
Nominal voltage: 12 Volts

Voc: 21.6 Volts
Vpm: 17.0 Volts
Isc: 0.77 Amp
Ipm: 0.70 Amp

Length: 11.89 in
Width: 14.06 in
Weight: 3.53 lbs

Compare other CSA certified Solarland panels with similar characteristics:

Model Power Voltage L (mm) W (mm) T (mm)
SLP012-12U-CSA 12 W 12 Volt 357 302 30
SLP025-12U-CSA 25 W 12 Volt 576 357 30
SLP030-12U-CSA 30 W 12 Volt 675 357 30
SLP050-12U-CSA 50 W 12 Volt 534 675 35
SLP060-12U-CSA  60 W 12 Volt 654 675 35

To mount the 10W, 20W or 30W solar panels on a pole or wall you can use the bracket SLB-0112 made by Solarland. The Universal Z-shape mounting bracket SLB-0102 can be used to mount any Solarland solar panel ranging from 10W to 140W on a flat surface.



SolarLand USA is a subsidiary of Solarland’s factory in Wuxi, China which was funded in 2003. Their USA office was established in Grayslake, Illinois in 2008 to better serve the American marked. Their main distribution facility is located in Ontario, California. Solarland specializes in 12V and 24V solar panels for mobile, off-grid and remote applications. Their solar panels are assembled in China with non-Chinese PV cells. All their solar panels are built with high quality anodized aluminum frame and come with a 25 year standard warranty. In their Ontario warehouse Solarland stock large quantities of solar panels ranging from 5W to 160W to cover most low-power charging applications.

SolarLand CSA 12W 12V


Specs for SolarLand CSA certified 12W and 12V module