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The Solmetric SunEye 210 Shade Tool will help you obtain a full shading analysis in minutes. This is a must-have tool for for any solar installer performing evaluations for potential home solar energy systems.

The Solmetric SunEye 210 is a hand held electronic device that allows users to assess total potential solar energy given the shading of a particular site. The Solmetric SunEye 210 is an important tool for the professional solar installer, saving time and money and helping to design high performance systems. It’s equally useful for PV, passive hot water, roof mount or ground mount systems.

The SunEye 210 comes with a fish-eye lens digital camera and sophisticated measurement software that simulates removal or addition of shading objects or structures, and measures roof tilt and azimuth. It works in the northern and southern hemispheres and provides easy measurements and instant feedback allowing you to make quick estimates and accurate system designs and stores data for later review.

The SunEye interfaces to the USB port of your PC, and data is transferred from the device to the SunEye Desktop software. A Solar Access and Shading Report summarizes the data from each session. The SunEye 210 also outputs various data files for use in simulation and design programs.

It works on PCs with Windows Vista (all editions), Windows XP SP2 (Professional, Home, or Media Center), or Windows 2000 SP4. Currently, the SunEye software does not run natively on Mac OS. It is possible, however, to run the SunEye software on a Mac using a Windows emulator, such as Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Included features of the SunEye 210 Shade Tool:

-Digital camera with calibrated fisheye lens

-Electronic inclinometer

-Electronic compass

-Integrated GPS

-Worldwide weather data

-Edit mode for adding or removing shade obstacles

-Data views of: annual path of sun, monthly solar access and obstruction elevation

-Soft-padded carrying pouch, AC battery charger, USB cable, writing stylus, wrist strap

-Live Survey Mode

-Lifetime license of PV Designer

-PC software (DVD)

-User’s guide

-Alternative language settings other than English, including: Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Italian

Manufacturer Warranty: 6 months



Solmetric Corporation is the company that invented the famous SunEye shade analysis tool. It was founded in 2005 and is based in Sebastopol, California. Solmetric also owns an advanced I-V curve tracer called the PV Analyzer. The SunEye shade tool is mostly used by residential solar installers. The PV Analyzer is used for commissioning and troubleshooting commercial and utility scale PV systems.

Solmetric SunEye 210


Solmetric SunEye 210 specification sheet