Square D D222NRB 60A 240VAC 2-Pole Fused Safety Disconnect


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On the DC side, the National Electric Code (NEC), section 690.15, requires solar PV arrays to have a disconnecting means in order to isolate the grid-tie inverter from the photovoltaic power source. The DC disconnect utilized to perform this function must be rated at 600VDC. All Square D 600VDC are UL certified and rated NEMA 3R for outdoor use, allowing to mount the DC safety switch close to the solar array or in any other location where is required. They are available in 3-Pole 30A and 60A combined rating. There are fused and unfused versions of the 600VDC safety disconnect. The same disconnect can be used for 3 solar PV arrays. The wiring lugs can accommodate gauge 10-14 wire. The fused 600VDC safety disconnect can be customized to function as a combiner box. The non-fused 600VDC safety disconnect is rated to disconnect individual strings at full rated capacity.

On the AC side of the solar system, the utility company may require an AC safety disconnect between the grid-tie inverter and the electric load center. The AC safety switch is commonly mounted close to the grid service entrance to the building and is required to have a visible and lockable handle. All Square D 240VAC safety disconnects meet code requirements, they are UL certified and rated NEMA 3R for outdoor use. They are available in 2-pole and 3-pole format with 30A, 60A and 100A ratings; the AC disconnect needs to be sized for the full possible output of the grid-tie inverter.

Fuses are not included. Use Class-R fuses for fused disconnects.

Complete list of Square D safety disconnects for photovoltaic systems:

ManufaturerPart no.RatingVoltagePolesFusibleEnclosure
Square DD221NRB30A240VAC2-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DD222NRB60A240VAC2-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DD223NRB100A240VAC2-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DD224NRB200A240VAC2-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DD321NRB30A240VAC3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DD322NRB60A240VAC3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DD323NRB100A240VAC3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DD324NRB200A240VAC3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DDU221RB30A240VAC2-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DDU222RB60A240VAC2-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DDU321RB30A240VAC3-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DDU322RB60A240VAC3-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DDU323RB100A240VAC3-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DH322NRB60A240VAC3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DH323NRB100A240VAC3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DH324NRB200A240VAC3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DH361RB30A600V3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DH362RB60A600V3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DH363NRB100A600V3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DH363RB100A600V3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DH364NRB200A600V3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DH365NR400A600V3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DH367NR800A600V3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DH368NR1200A600V3-PoleFusedNEMA 3R
Square DHU361RB30A600V3-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DHU362RB60A600V3-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DHU363RB100A600V3-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DHU364RB200A600V3-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DREHU393IP100A1000V3-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DREHU394IP200A1000V3-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DREHU493IP100A1000V4-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R
Square DREHU494IP200A1000V4-PoleUnfusedNEMA 3R


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