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Surrette Rolls 2 KS 33P 1837Ah 2V Deep Cycle Battery


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The Surrette Rolls 2 KS 33P (2 KS 33PS / 2 KS 33P) is a 2 Volt deep cycle battery rated at 2369 Ah @ 100 hours rate. Surrette series 5000 batteries feature a reinforced dual case with a small footprint. They come with a 5-year warranty, but with proper care, you can expect a life cycle of 15 -20 years.

Rolls Surrette deep cycle batteries are extensively used in large renewable energy systems. The table below offers the Ampere hour capacity ratings based on the specific gravity of 1.280 at 25°C (77°F). For calculations, reduce capacities 5% for specific gravity of 1.265 and 10% for 1.250.

Hour Rate Capacity / AMP Hour Current / AMPs
@ 100 Hour Rate 2369 AH 23.69 A
@ 72 Hour Rate 2241 AH 31.12 A
@ 50 Hour Rate 2121 AH 42.43 A
@ 20 Hour Rate 1837 AH 91.83 A
@ 15 Hour Rate 1708 AH 113.87 A
@ 10 Hour Rate 1635 AH 163.46 A
@ 8 Hour Rate 1580 AH 197.44 A
@ 5 Hour Rate 1469 AH 293.86 A
@ 1 Hour Rate 826 AH 826.49 A

Surrette Rolls designed the series 5000 batteries for heavy-duty industrial use. They feature a reinforced plate grid, double insulated with a polyethylene and glass mat envelope to protect against positive plate breakdown. The robust construction prevents treeing, cracked or misaligned separators and eliminates shorting at the bottoms or sides of the battery.

The cells are each built into a separate polypropylene container with a thermally bonded cover to prevent acid leakage. The cells are then placed within an outer container of durable polyethylene with a removable lid. The double case construction ensures that the battery is operable and that it won’t spill, even if the outer case is damaged.

The CS and KS series of the Surrette Rolls industrial batteries allow for disassembly, where each cell can be removed independently, making it possible for each cell to be replaced without special tools. Here are some other battery models with similar specifications.

Model Voltage Length Width Height Weight
2 KS 33P 2 Volt 13-3/4″ 8-5/16″ 24-13/16″ 208 lbs
2 YS 31P 2 Volt 15-1/2″  9-1/4″ 31-5/8″ 285 lbs


Surrette Rolls

Surrette Battery Company was established in 1935 and has been based out of Nova Scotia, Canada since 1959. For over 50 years they have been manufacturing Rolls branded lead acid batteries and they have become a trusted name in the deep cycle battery industry. They are the only independent battery manufacturer in Canada and one of the leaders in North America. Surrette is known for their high-quality line of lead acid batteries and they have earned a reputation for one of the most reliable batteries on the market. With a high-cycle life, Rolls Surrette has one of the longest warranties in the industry. Surrette Rolls batteries are dependable with long lasting storage capacity;  they are used in renewable energy, railroad, marine and motive power applications around the world.
Surrette Rolls Battery

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