Tigo Energy / SMA TS4-R Cloud Connect CCA Outdoor Kit


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TS4 parts are sold in packages only, a package must include a minimum of 10 TS4 retrofit units or a SMA inverter

The Tigo Energy Cloud Connect unit is used to communicate between the panel maximizers and the inverter. The Cloud Connect Advanced enables internet connection via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or optional cellular connectivity. It also allows module level disconnect and convenient on-site or remote configuration using Tigo’s mobile app.

The communication unit controls the maximizer’s algorithms and sends information collected from them to a remote server allowing system owners to observe and interact with the management system. The Cloud Connect Advanced unit features a RS-485 to allow third party compatibility. It can read and report data from Modbus equipped inverters, charge controllers, weather stations, smart combiner boxes, and revenue grade meters.

Each Cloud Connect Kit includes (SMA part no. 348-00000-40):
– Cloud Connect Advanced Unit (CCA)
– Gateway
– Power supply
– Outdoor enclosure with DIN rail for the CCA

The cloud connect is now configurable the the Tigo Energy free phone app that will allow you to monitor your solar system from wherever you are. The CCA unit can be easily mounted on a DIN rail.


SMA America

SMA America is a pioneer in photovoltaics power conversion, they started in 1981 in Germany. Today they are a top 3 inverter manufacturer worldwide with presence in 15 different countries including the United States and Canada. In 2011 they opened the solar academy in California to help installers understand SMA’s technology and bring that knowledge to the home of thousand of homeowners in the US. SMA staples are the Sunny Island inverters for off-grid and remote applications and the Sunny Boy inverters for residential and small commercial applications. In recent years they added the Tripower line of commercial inverters ranging from 12kW to 30kW per unit. Some of their inverters are assembled in Colorado and qualify for the ARRA recovery act. All their units are UL listed and comply with the most recent requirements in the National Electric Code (NEC). Additionally SMA provides their Sunny Portal free of charge to SMA users. It is one of the most advanced energy communication platforms; all SMA inverters can transfer production data to the Sunny Portal. The portal is accessible to system owners via the Internet, where they can view and monitor their system’s performance in great detail. SMA America has raised the bar in the solar industry for over 30 years and they certainly will continue to do so.

Tigo Energy

Tigo Energy is an American company with its headquarters located in Los Gatos, California. Tigo Energy specializes in module-level power optimizers and smart module power electronics. They provide power electronics and software products to solar installers and distributors worldwide. Tigo Energy developed the revolutionary TS4 platform and introduced an entirely new energy management concept to help PV system owners achieving the highest ROI possible. With the TS4 technology, now owned by SMA America, Tigo Energy delivers superior safety, reliability and monitoring capabilities to thousands of photovoltaic systems around the world.

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