Wiley ACE-2P Pass-Through Box – 2 Strings


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The Wiley Electronics ACE Acme Conduit Entry Box has an efficient, compact design with a two-piece enclosure that is compatible with any conduit type. It allows for an easy transition from USE-2 or PV Cable to conduit protected THWN-2 wire. The ACE Entry Box is engineered for durability and reliability with a UV resistant, MEMA3R rated material.

The Wiley Conduit Entry Box is designed with a unique, water tight seal for all entry slots, even unused ones to ensure quality protection. It is also built with a side and bottom drill to allow for easy, versatile and convenient conduit routing. Once inside the box the cables can be spliced using butt splices, DIN mounted fuse holders or din mounted connector blocks.

ACE Acme models ACE-2P, ACE-3P and ACE-4P are pass-through boxes, they come with 4, 6 and 8 terminal blocks respectively to safely connect the positive and negative circuits of each string.

The anodized aluminum mounting bracket is included with all ACE boxes. Hardware included: 1 mounting bracket, 4 screws and 2 bonding washers. Can be rail or pole mounted.

Input Wire Diameter Range: 5.0 – 6.8 [0.20 -0.27in] 10-12 AWG USE-2/PV
Equipment Ground Conductor Type: Bare solid or jacketed only
Equipment Ground Conductor Diameter Range: 4.0-6.8mm [0.16-0.27 in]
Acceptable Conduit Sizes: 19.05mm, 25.4mm [0.75in, 1.0in]
Internal Volume: 1840cm [112 in]
Internal Height: 72.0mm[2.83 in]
Drill Out: Side, Bottom


Wiley Electronics

Wiley Electronics is owned by BURNDY and branded by Hubbell. Wiley produces grounding and bonding solutions for the solar photovoltaic industry. They design their products with only the finest alloys, ensuring top performance under the most extreme environmental conditions. Wiley solutions include grounding lugs, WEEB washers, integrated bonding, and bonding jumpers.

Wiley Pass-Through Box


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