Schneider/Midnite Prewired Battery Based Systems

Schneider/Midnite Prewired Battery-Based Systems

Schneider/Midnite prewired battery-based systems are the epitome of how battery-based systems should be assembled for a safe operation. You no longer need to worry about a delayed system commissioning due to a missing breaker or any other small component.

With the Schneider/Midnite prewired battery-based systems, be confident that all the circuit protection, busbars, terminals, and components you need for your energy system’s safe operation have been included and tested before leaving Midnite’s facility in Arlington WA.

Use Midnite prewired systems in small, medium, or large power applications, such as off-grid, stand-alone, battery backup, UPS or AC coupled solutions. The installation is significantly simplified; once the prewired system has been mounted on the wall, connect the E-Panel enclosure to the external power sources such as the solar panels, wind generator, battery bank, load distribution center, and generator (some are optional).

The location for each electric terminal in the E-Panel enclosure is clearly labeled and indicated in the user manual; even cable sizes are marked, removing any doubt that your system has been properly engineered. The system includes one main DC battery breaker – the breaker would be 175A or 250A, depending on the system size.

Midnite prewired systems use Schneider Conext SW or XW Pro inverter/chargers paired with Midnite’s Classic MPPT charge controllers. The smaller systems feature Conext SW inverters with a single Classic charge controller, while the large systems are assembled with multiple Conext XW Pro inverters and up to 4 charge controllers. All systems include a Schneider System Control Panel (SCP) to configure and monitor the Conext inverter(s).

Schneider/Midnite Prewired Battery Based Systems

Multiple configurations and upgrades are available for these pre-assembled systems. They can be installed along with many of the MidNite combiner boxes, battery enclosures, disconnects, surge arrestors, and related battery-based products. Rapid Shutdown capable systems (RSS) are also available.

Available Classic Charge Controllers 

When selecting a Classic model, keep in mind that every model in each series has the same input and output values, and the design and size of your energy system will not change. All Classics come with a 5-year limited warranty.

150VDC – 12/24/48V Battery
Input Voltage: 150VDC
Maximum Output Current: 96/94/86A
Maximum Voc (based on 12/24/48 battery systems): 162/174/198V

200VDC – 12/24/48/72V Battery
Input Voltage: 200VDC
Maximum Output Current: 79/78/78/65A
Maximum Voc: 212/224/248V

250VDC – 12/24/48/72V Battery
Input Voltage: 250VDC
Maximum Output Current: 61/62/55/43A
Maximum Voc: 262/274/298V