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SunPower's new flexible solar panels are made with 32 Prime monocrystalline 25% and 23% efficiency SunPower IBC cells. The SPR-E-Flex-100 modules are an excellent option for portable energy everywhere you go. They're built with to the top-grade materials and therefore they can manage to be lightweight, easy to transport and flexible up to 30 degrees.

The flexible solar panels come with its pair of MC4 connectors (male and female) for an easy installation with any compatible solar devices. SunPower's flexible modules have been designed to support rough weather conditions, they have been made with a thick copper foundation which helps solar cells to avoid corrosion.

Thanks to its portable design, these modules are very useful for camping, sailing, outdoor activities or to charge any solar compatible battery. Sunpower SPR-E-Flex series is one of the highest power output delivery panels in their class. This is a high-quality module that has been designed in the USA and assembled in France. It offers 5 years of limited power warranty of 80% of the minimum specified power.

Sunpower Flexible SPR-E-Flex-100 panel specifications:

Mechanical specifications:
Cell Technology: Prime Monocrystalline
Dimensions:  45.9 × 21.9 × 0.8 in (1165 x 556 x 20 mm)
Weight:  4.4 lb (2kg)
Cells Per Module:  32
Junction Box:  TE 1-21-2152049-1
By-pass diode: 1
Charge Controller: not included
Module Connector:  PV4-S (MC4 compatible)

Electrical specifications:
Module Watts STC: 100 Watts
Power Tolerance: +6/-3%
Max Power Voltage (Vmpp):  17.1 Volts
Max Power Current (Impp):  5.9 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):  21.4 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc):  6.3 Amps
Max System Voltage:  1000VDC IEC, 600VDC UL
Series Fuse Rating:  15 Amps

SunPower is a company that has been in operations since 1985, with its headquarters based in Silicon Valley. It has some of the world's most efficient solar panels and it is a leading company in the solar industry. They have installed over 3 GWs of SunPower technology in different solar plants all around the world. Every SunPower panel has to meet very strict and rigorous specifications in order to fulfill the high-quality standards of the company. Their panels have been recognized for being long lasting, high efficiency, and innovative products.

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Sunpower SPR-E-Flex-100W

Specs for SunPower Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel 100W

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SunPower Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel 100W

SunPower Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel 100W

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