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Tigo Energy creates a DC-DC converter to maximize the yield of any solar PV system.

Tigo Energy is an American company with its headquarters located in Los Gatos, California. They provide services to installers and distributors worldwide. Tigo Energy specializes in module-level power optimizers and smart module power electronics. They provide products within the photovoltaic industry that include technologies and software.

Tigo Energy developed the revolutionary TS4 platform (the smartest solar optimizer). They also introduced a new concept to fully capture the TS4 capabilities with the Flex MLPE. With the introduction of the Flex MLPE, it allows installations to be flexible and positions them years ahead of the competition. What is great about the TS4 platform is that it can be selectively deployed which you can mix and match functionalities at different price points on different modules in your system. The TS4 platform can come in different solutions, integrated and retrofit/add-on.

Tigo Energy is an innovative company that allows installers and owners to achieve the highest ROI. Their technology allows the most cost effective solution in the market. They have designed the number one PV solar panel technology which allows owners to have more modules on any roof, uneven string lengths and different orientations. Tigo Energy delivers superior safety, reliability and monitoring.

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