Battery Interconnects Cable 2AWG - Red/Black

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Indicate terminal size and color in the comments section during checkout. Cables will ship all black with 3/8” terminals unless stated otherwise. Not returnable.

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Product information

These battery interconnects cables are made with very flexible fine-stranded copper UL approved wire. They are preassembled with 3/8" (10mm) terminal lugs. They can also be fitted with 5/16" terminal lugs upon request. Check your battery post and make sure they will accept this type terminal. 

Note: Battery cables are made per order and are not returnable. They come standard in black color with 3/8” terminals on each end. Upon request they can be made with 5/8” terminals and the heat tubing can be ordered red or black; for example, both ends black, both ends red or black/red.

The cable used is rated MTW, THW or AWM for 600V systems and it is resistant to moisture, abrasion, acid, diesel fuel and oil. The interconnects cables are available with red or black insulation for your positive and negative circuits respectively. They are also available with one end with red and the other end with black heat tubing to properly identify the terminals when connecting batteries in series.

Selecting the length of the cable is important. Measure the distance between the terminals you want to connect. Select a cable length that is slightly longer than the distance you measured, this will create a desired small bend in the cable when you connect the terminals. Avoid using cables that are too long since it will force you to make sharp cable bends that may crack the insulation and damage the conductors.

4/0 Cable – for circuits protected by 250 amp breakers or 400 amp fuses
2/0 Cable – for circuits protected by 175 amp breakers and 200 amp fuses.
#2 AWG Cable – for circuits protected by 110 amp breakers or fuses.

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Battery Interconnects Cable 2AWG - Red/Black

Battery Interconnects Cable 2AWG - Red/Black

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