Magnum Energy ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit


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The Magnum Energy ME-BMK battery monitor kit is a battery amp-hour meter that continuously monitors the battery bank providing important information about the state of charge of the batteries. The ME-BMK will allow the user to operate the energy system more efficiently, extending the life of you the batteries as a result.

The ME-BMK works in 12, 24, and 48 volt battery systems. It will provide accurate information about the operation of your Magnum Energy inverter/charger. The ME-BMK requires a remote (ME-RC50 or ME-ARC50) or router (ME-RTR) to display information about your battery bank. Some of the readings are battery state of charge (SOC), battery voltage, and battery current

The ME-BMK kit is compatible with all Magnum inverters/chargers that have a Mag Net, Accessory, or Network port. It is appropriate to use it with off-grid, back-up, RV's, marine and renewable energy power systems.

Other features of the monitoring kit ME-BMK are:
- Auto-detecting input voltage 
- Reads from total amp hours out
- Precision 500A/50mv DC shunt 
- Automatic efficiency calculation

- A sense module
- DC shunt 50mv/500 amp shunt
- Twisted pair 18 AWG wire (5’ length)
- Communication cable 10’ length (telephone standard)

Magnum Energy was established in 2002 and joined Sensata Technologies in 2014. Now operating under the brand Magnum-Dimensions, they manufacture high-quality inverters, inverters/chargers and various accessories for off-grid and mobile applications. Sensata Technologies is a world leading company in the renewable energy industry with a focus on efficiency, sustainability and safety.

Magnum products are manufactured in the US and are shipped all over the world. Their products are reliable and built with high-quality components that operate under extreme conditions and are suitable for many different climates. 

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ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit

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Magnum Energy ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit

Magnum Energy ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit

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