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The Water-Miser Vent Cap will help you cut down you battery watering by 50%!

The Water-Miser Safety Vent Cap has been engineered thinking of:  ease of inspection and watering, battery-top moisture reduction, electrolyte retention within cells, extended watering intervals.
Typical use of the Water-Miser Vent Cap is one cap per 2V cell in a battery. The cap from each cell is replaced by the Water-Miser Hydrocap.

- There is no need to remove vent caps - just flip open for inspection and watering
- Less electrolyte escapes, assuring that cell gravities are better maintained.
- Consistency of intended cell voltages and capacity characteristics are enhanced.
- Tops of the batteries remain much drier.
- Extended watering intervals.
- Proper fit for most US manufactured batteries.
- 360 deg. orientation of the cover assembly.
- Externally initiated explosions within the battery cell(s) are virtually eliminated.

The Water-Miser Vent Cap design accommodates most single-cell fillers having nozzle diameters of up to 3/4 inch.

- These caps DO NOT FIT AUTO/TRUCK batteries.
- These caps DO NOT FIT Interstate batteries.
- Check battery compatibility before purchasing these watering caps.
- Consider labor savings during servicing.
- There is a 1" clearance above the batteries when the caps are installed.

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Water-Miser Battery Vent Cap

Water-Miser Battery Vent Cap

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