Ground Fault Protection Breaker 150VDC 63A


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These Ground Fault Protection Breakers made by MidNite Solar are rated to break the full rated load at the rated voltage repeatedly, without any damage. Always use a properly sized breaker for disconnecting. All MidNite circuit breakers hold 100% rated current independent of ambient temperature. Listed for US and Canada.

Midnite's ground fault protection breakers use a trip mechanism to connect the battery negative and earth ground to open the larger breaker in case of a ground fault. The 2008 NEC requires DC ground fault protection on all solar installations. The DIN rail mount and single pole panel mount GFPs will mount in MidNite E-panels. The panel mount GFP's will mount in the OutBack FLEXware enclosures.

Model: MNDC-GFP63
Description: 63 Amp 150VDC DIN rail mount DC ground fault protector. 10,000 AIC
Breaker Torque Value: 20 In-Lbs (2.3NM)

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MidNite 63A GFP Breaker

Installation manual for MidniteSolar 63Amps 300V Ground Fault Protection Breaker

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Ground Fault Protection Breaker 150VDC 63A

Ground Fault Protection Breaker 150VDC 63A

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