Midnite 150VDC 80Amp DIN Mount Breaker


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Midnight Solar's MNEPV80 and MNEPV100 are the largest DIN mount 1 pole breakers available rated at 150VDC. These breakers operate at their full rated capacity in repeated cycles without any damage. They can be used in Midnite Solar Baby Boxes, E-Panels, DC-disconnects and combiner boxes. They will also fit Outback Power combiner boxes and enclosures and many other enclosures with the standard 53mm DIN rail.

The 80Amp and 100Amp DIN rail breakers consist in two 13mm breakers mechanically bonded together. One breaker takes up two 13mm slots in the box or enclosure. The breaker terminals accept up to #2 AWG wire.

Specifications for MNEPV80 Midnite Solar breaker:
Max. DC voltage: 150 VDC
Continus capacity: 80Amp
Type: 1 Pole (use two slots)
Torque value: 20 In-Lbs (2.3NM)
Terminal: Max #2AWG Wire

Other available models MNEPV100

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Midnite 150VDC 80Amp DIN Mount Breaker

Midnite 150VDC 80Amp DIN Mount Breaker

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