Magnum Energy MP-RFC MP Router Front Cover


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Use Magnum Energy MP-RFC router front cover to replace the factory-installed top front cover from an MP enclosure, whenever an ME-RTR (router) needs to be installed on the front of an MP enclosure. The MP-RFC is only compatible with MP enclosures versions that have eight middle truss head screws.

Magnum Energy was established in 2002 and joined Sensata Technologies in 2014. Now operating under the brand Magnum-Dimensions, they manufacture high-quality inverters, inverters/chargers and various accessories for off-grid and mobile applications. Sensata Technologies is a world leading company in the renewable energy industry with a focus on efficiency, sustainability and safety.

Magnum products are manufactured in the US and are shipped all over the world. Their products are reliable and built with high-quality components that operate under extreme conditions and are suitable for many different climates. Magnum-Dimensions offers a wide variety of inverters and inverters/chargers, with a multitude of power options (from 300W to 12,000W), varying topologies (one phase or three phase), and a range of voltages (from 12 to 300 VDC).


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Magnum Energy MP-RFC MP Router Front Cover

Magnum Energy MP-RFC MP Router Front Cover

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