International Shipping

We can ship most of our products from our office in Berkeley, California (USA) to other places in the world; including Mexico, Canada and also countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Below we describe some of the methods we use to ship internationally.

DHL, Fedex, UPS - Using your account
If you have an enabled account with Fedex, DHL, UPS or any other freight forwarder, we fill out the required forms, prepare the documentation and deposit your equipment with your preferred carrier. Related shipping cost, taxes and fees will be charged to your account.

International US Postal Service
The US Postal Service offers prompt and reliable shipping services to many countries. This service is preferred for small and light weight items. All the tems shipped this way will be insured. The US Postal Service does not have agreements with every country so we will need to check the elegibility of your country in advance.

Freight Forwarding
For large shipments, where the equipment needs to be arranged in pallets or is too heavy to ship in boxes, it is necessary to contract services with a freight forwarder. In most cases, we will deliver the equipment to your customs broker anywhere within the US territory, they will prepare the documentation and will use a freight forwarder to send the equipment to your location. It will be your responsability to find a customs broker; the cost related to the import/export, freight and taxes will be billed directly to the end user.

Merkalink (Mexico only)
Merkalink is a Service provided by Estafeta USA, it is a simple and economic way to ship small items to Mexico. You just need a Merkalink account; if you do not have one you can open it at, it is quick and simple. You need to provide us with your Mekalink user number. We will ship your items to Estafeta in Laredo, TX and they will send it to you in Mexico. They will let you know the amount to pay including shipping, taxes and fees. This service is limited to orders under USD$1,000.

Estafeta USA (Mexico only)
With this service we can send small and medium size items directly from California to anywhere in Mexico. Delivery time is approximately 10-12 days. All taxes and fees are paid in advance so when your order arrives you just sign and receive.

Please visit this section to see some frequently asked questions regarding Shipping to Mexico



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