Fullriver DC105-12 Deep Cycle AGM Battery - 12V, 105Ah


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The Fullriver DC series match the highest standard for deep cycle VRLA batteries, and maintain their performance levels in the highest vibration and deepest discharge applications. Fullriver batteries contain more lead, which creates stronger connections between cells. Heavier plates increase the reserve capacity of each battery.

Deep Cycle batteries are created to be deeply discharged and recharged hundreds of times, and when used in renewable energy applications, the batteries carry a full 7 year warranty. The heavier plates and increased lead, along with other materials allow the batteries to deliver more power and maintain a higher capacity over many life cycles.

The batteries come in a fully sealed, maintenance-free, corrosion-free package, and are non-gassing, and use AGM deep cycle technology.

Whether the deep cycling power is for a boat, RV, solar or wind power generator system, or even a consistent, even ride from an electric vehicle or golf cart, the Fullriver DC series AGM batteries are an investment that will enhance the quality of any deep cycle application.

- Positive and negative lead-tin-calcium alloy plates
- Low-resistance microporous glass fiber separators
- Separators prevent acid spills in case of accidental damage
- Highly resistant to shock and vibration ABS material case and lid
- Terminal with brass insert for maximum conductivity
- High compression grommet
- Self-regulating pressure relief valve prevents ingress of atmospheric oxygen
- Unique chemistry allows for longer life in deep cycle applications with no significant reduction in maximum power output

Summary of Fullriver batteries
The following table shows a complete list of all the deep cycle lead-acid batteries available through Webo Solar. The table indicates which batteries are flooded and which ones are sealed; it also indicates some basic specs such as voltage, capacity, dimensions and weight.

Part No.VoltsAh / 20 hrLength (in)Width (in)Height (in)Weight (lbs)
DC224-66 Volt224 Ah10-1/47-1/89-3/466
DC250-66 Volt250 Ah10-3/87-1/810-3/877
DC400-66 Volt400 Ah11-5/87-1/816-3/4123
DC85-1212 Volt85 Ah10-1/46-3/48-1/255
DC105-1212 Volt105 Ah12-1/46-3/48-1/267
DC115-1212 Volt115 Ah12-7/86-3/48-1/272
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Fullriver DC105-12

Specs for Fullriver DC105-12 Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

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How to select the right battery

Selecting the right battery for your application

The first and most important step to configure your battery back is to know your system's voltage. Small systems used in RVs and boats are usually 12V. It is recommended to use 24V or 48V for medium sized energy systems and always 48V for large systems. Some systems can even go up to 60V, however, 12V, 24V and 48V are the standard in solar and renewable energy systems. Whatever your system voltage is, keep that number in mind since it will be consistent across your system design; changing your system voltage down the road could be a costly alternative.

Another factor is to know the space available for the batteries, this is especially true for mobile applications and systems with a designated battery enclosures. These type of enclosures are usually designed for a certain type and number of batteries, for example, four L-16 batteries.

Knowing the type of battery you want is also part of the selection process. You only want to use deep-cycle batteries in renewable energy systems. Lead acid batteries are the most common, they can be flooded or sealed. Flooded batteries require periodic maintenance such as refilling water levels while sealed or VRLA batteries are considered maintenance free. Flooded batteries are seen in most renewable energy systems mainly because of their lower cost. Applications in remote locations with difficult access call for sealed batteries that do not require constant human supervision. Both batteries, flooded and sealed, are comparable in terms of performance; the determining factors are the application and cost.

A factor that requires careful consideration is your energy needs which ultimately will determine the size of your battery bank. Technically speaking, the larger the battery bank, the better. A large battery bank will reduce the depth of discharge of each cycle, thus extending the life of the batteries. Realistically, not everybody has the budget for an oversized battery bank.

Once the above factors have been figured out, the rest is relatively easy. The number of batteries in the bank will be determined by the voltage, if you have a 48V system you will need eight 6V batteries or twelve 4V batteries.

Your energy requirements will determine the capacity, or the total amount of energy stored in the battery bank. It is usually measured in charge / discharge cycles. This part can get highly technical so we are going to simplify it for the purpose of this article. The capacity of your storage is measured in Ampere-Hour or Ah per cycle. To extend the life of the batteries it is recommended to discharge your batteries less than fifty percent per cycle (50% depth of discharge or DOD). So if you know that you need 350Ah to power all your loads on daily basis, you should consider a 700Ah battery bank for a healthy life cycle. In the same scenario, a 900-1000Ah battery bank won’t hurt, it will provide additional energy on the days when it is needed and will also help extend the life of the batteries by reducing the depth of discharge of each cycle. Needless to say it will also cost more money.

Note: As a rule of thumb, the larger the size of the battery bank, the lower the nominal voltage of each battery. For example, 12V batteries are only recommended in small systems with one or two batteries. 6V batteries are ideal for medium size banks and are widely used in renewable energy systems. 4V and 2V are high capacity batteries reserved for large energy systems.

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Fullriver DC105-12 Deep Cycle AGM Battery - 12V, 105Ah

Fullriver DC105-12 Deep Cycle AGM Battery - 12V, 105Ah

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