Surrette Rolls S2 L16 (S-1450) 1169Ah, 2V Deep Cycle Battery

S2 L16

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Surrette batteries have a minimum order requirement of 4 units. Ship via LTL freight.

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Surrette Rolls Deep Cycle Batteries are well known for their durability and performance. The Rolls Surrette Battery Company is relocated Nova Scotia Canada after 50 years of producing batteries they have earned a solid reputation in the industry. Surrette batteries are built with thick plates, a large liquid reserve, and a durable double-wall construction. When the maintenance is carried on properly the average life expectancy of these batteries is over 15 years .The Surrette S series deep cycle, lead-acid batteries are rated at 1000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge.

Mechanical specifications:
Lenght: 12 1/2"
Width: 7 1/8"
Height: 17"
Weight: 120 lbs wet

Electrical specifications:
Voltage: 2 V
Capacity @ 20hr discharge rate: 1169 Ah
Capacity @ 100hr discharge rate: 1344 Ah

Surrette Rolls batteries of Series 4000 come with a complete replacement warranty within the first 24 months from the date placed in service. After the first 24 months of service the warranty will be adjusted for a period of up to 84 months from the date first in service. 

About Surrette Rolls
The Surrette Battery Company was established in 1935 and is based out of Nova Scotia, Canada since 1959. For over 50 years they have been manufacturing Rolls-branded deep cycle lead acid batteries and they have become a trusted name in the deep cycle battery industry. They are the only independent battery manufacturer in Canada and one of the leaders in North America for lead-acid batteries. The company is known for their high-quality line of lead acid batteries and they have earned a reputation for one of the most reliable batteries on the market. With a high-cycle life, Rolls Surrette has one of the longest warranties in the industry. Some of the models have a warranty of up to 10 years. On average, the life expectancy of these batteries is between 15 and 20 years.

The Rolls Surrette batteries are constructed with a non-breakable dual-container construction which prevents acid leakage. They enclose each cell in its own inner container that is made with a polypropylene shell. Each cell is then enclosed with a second polyethylene outer container which allows the battery to still be operable in the event the outer container breaks. Each cell also features double insulated positive plates. These plates help protect from malfunctions and allows the sediment chamber to be eliminated which creates more space for liquid at the top of the battery. Less maintenance is required because of the increased liquid reserve.

The Surrette Battery Company produce a wide-range of premium deep cycle batteries that are used for renewable energy, railroad applications, marine and motive power applications. They provide several voltage and capacity options and are built to last. Their products are known to be dependable with long lasting energy. With the quality and durability of their products, it is definitely a top pick.

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Surrette S2 L16 Battery

Specs for Surrette S2 L16 (S-1450) deep cycle battery

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Summary of Surrette Rolls Batteries

The following table shows a complete list of all the deep cycle lead-acid batteries available through Webo Solar. The table indicates which batteries are flooded and which ones are sealed; it also indicates some basic specs such as voltage, capacity, dimensions and weight.

ManufacturerTypePart No.VoltsAh @ 20 hrAh @ 100 hrLength (in)Width (in)Height (in)Weight (lbs)
Surrette RollsFloodedS-4806 Volt37548612-1/47-1/816-3/4117
Surrette RollsFloodedS-5506 Volt42855412-1/47-1/816-3/4127
Surrette RollsFloodedS-6206 Volt48262412-1/47-1/816-3/4131
Surrette RollsFloodedS-14502 Volt1050138012-1/27-1/816-3/4115
Surrette RollsFloodedS-16602 Volt1200159012-1/27-1/816-3/4121
Surrette RollsFloodedS-18602 Volt1300172912-1/27-1/816-3/4125
Surrette RollsFloodedS-1400EX2 Volt1000140812/1/27-1/816-3/4114
Surrette RollsFlooded2-KS-33PS2 Volt1766249113-3/48-5/1624-13/16208
Surrette RollsFlooded2-YS-31PS2 Volt2430343515-1/29-1/431-5/8285
Surrette RollsFlooded4-CS-17PS4 Volt54677014-3/88-1/418-1/4128
Surrette RollsFlooded4-KS-21PS4 Volt1104155715-3/49-3/824-3/4267
Surrette RollsFlooded4-KS-25PS4 Volt1350190015-3/410-5/824-3/4315
Surrette RollsFlooded6-CS-17PS6 Volt54677022-1/48-1/418-1/4221
Surrette RollsFlooded6-CS-21PS6 Volt68396322-1/48-1/418-1/4271
Surrette RollsFlooded6-CS-25PS6 Volt820115622-1/48-1/418-1/4318
Surrette RollsFlooded8-CS-17PS8 Volt54677028-1/48-1/418-1/4294
Surrette RollsFlooded8-CS-25PS8 Volt820115628-1/411-1/418-1/4424
Surrette RollsFlooded12-CS-11PS12 Volt35750322-1/411-1/418-1/4272
Surrette RollsSealedS-275AGM6 Volt25027510-1/47-1/810-3/477
Surrette RollsSealedS-460AGM6 Volt41546011-3/47-1/816-3/4272
Surrette RollsSealedS2-5902 Volt5505909-1/26-3/414-1/271
Surrette RollsSealedS2-9452 Volt88094516-1/46-7/814-1/2118
Surrette RollsSealedS2-11802 Volt1100118018-3/46-7/814-1/2142
Surrette RollsSealedS2-1275 (L16)2 Volt11501275382943963016-3/4123
Surrette RollsSealedS2-18952 Volt1750189515-3/413-5/814-3/4229
Surrette RollsSealedS2-23752 Volt2200237519-1/413-3/415-1/8287
Surrette RollsSealedS2-35602 Volt3300356027-7/813-7/815-1/8431
How to select the right battery

Selecting the right battery for your application

The first and most important step to configure your battery back is to know your system's voltage. Small systems used in RVs and boats are usually 12V. It is recommended to use 24V or 48V for medium sized energy systems and always 48V for large systems. Some systems can even go up to 60V, however, 12V, 24V and 48V are the standard in solar and renewable energy systems. Whatever your system voltage is, keep that number in mind since it will be consistent across your system design; changing your system voltage down the road could be a costly alternative.

Another factor is to know the space available for the batteries, this is especially true for mobile applications and systems with a designated battery enclosures. These type of enclosures are usually designed for a certain type and number of batteries, for example, four L-16 batteries.

Knowing the type of battery you want is also part of the selection process. You only want to use deep-cycle batteries in renewable energy systems. Lead acid batteries are the most common, they can be flooded or sealed. Flooded batteries require periodic maintenance such as refilling water levels while sealed or VRLA batteries are considered maintenance free. Flooded batteries are seen in most renewable energy systems mainly because of their lower cost. Applications in remote locations with difficult access call for sealed batteries that do not require constant human supervision. Both batteries, flooded and sealed, are comparable in terms of performance; the determining factors are the application and cost.

A factor that requires careful consideration is your energy needs which ultimately will determine the size of your battery bank. Technically speaking, the larger the battery bank, the better. A large battery bank will reduce the depth of discharge of each cycle, thus extending the life of the batteries. Realistically, not everybody has the budget for an oversized battery bank.

Once the above factors have been figured out, the rest is relatively easy. The number of batteries in the bank will be determined by the voltage, if you have a 48V system you will need eight 6V batteries or twelve 4V batteries.

Your energy requirements will determine the capacity, or the total amount of energy stored in the battery bank. It is usually measured in charge / discharge cycles. This part can get highly technical so we are going to simplify it for the purpose of this article. The capacity of your storage is measured in Ampere-Hour or Ah per cycle. To extend the life of the batteries it is recommended to discharge your batteries less than fifty percent per cycle (50% depth of discharge or DOD). So if you know that you need 350Ah to power all your loads on daily basis, you should consider a 700Ah battery bank for a healthy life cycle. In the same scenario, a 900-1000Ah battery bank won’t hurt, it will provide additional energy on the days when it is needed and will also help extend the life of the batteries by reducing the depth of discharge of each cycle. Needless to say it will also cost more money.

Note: As a rule of thumb, the larger the size of the battery bank, the lower the nominal voltage of each battery. For example, 12V batteries are only recommended in small systems with one or two batteries. 6V batteries are ideal for medium size banks and are widely used in renewable energy systems. 4V and 2V are high capacity batteries reserved for large energy systems.

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Surrette Rolls S2 L16 (S-1450) 1169Ah, 2V Deep Cycle Battery

Surrette Rolls S2 L16 (S-1450) 1169Ah, 2V Deep Cycle Battery

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