Commercial ChargePoint Network Plan

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With this network plan you can use you ChargePoint CT400 EV charging station as a way to generate new revenue by attracting consumers to your business. This network plan is available in 1, 2, 3 and 5 year periods and will give your customers a great reason to frequent your parking lot and visit your business while their vehicles charge up. Each plug requires a plan to operate, i.e. a dual station will require two plans. Some of the features included in this network plan are:

    •    Reservations. Let drivers reserve stations ahead of time.
    •    Multiple payment options. Allow driver to choose whether to pay with a ChargePoint card or credit card.
    •    Automated fee collection. ChargePoint handles all payment processing for you with a PCI-compliant solution.
    •    Powerful right granting. Create and maintain accounts with different privilege levels to give admins or third parties controlled access, so you can focus on your core business.
    •    Patent-pending ChargePoint Connections. Save time and hassle by automating the once manual process of giving drivers access to your stations.
    •    Flexible billing. Set charging fees by time, session, or kWh, or any combination, and set fees for different drivers or groups of drivers, or different times of the day.
    •    Detailed analytics. Collect, export and analyze information about session terminations, station reboots, cord removals, ground faults and station maintenance.
    •    24 x 7 driver support. Provide fast, station-side driver support, around the clock.
    •    Station mapping. Make stations visible to everyone who uses the ChargePoint web site, smart phone apps, and navigation systems.
    •    Charging status alerts. Notify drivers and admins of a variety of charging events, automatically.
    •    Detailed reporting. Track station usage, energy consumption, GhG emissions prevented, average turnover, session duration and more for trending, compliance and tax purposes.
    •    Station access control. Manage access by driver, group or station with maximum flexibility.
    •    Web services APIs. Integrate ChargePoint with mobile driver apps and business systems.
    •    ChargePoint station messages. Communicate timely, targeted offers and other messages to drivers on station displays.
    •    Remote station management. Start, stop or restart sessions remotely and get real-time status info for all stations.

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Commercial ChargePoint Network Plan

Commercial ChargePoint Network Plan

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