Hanwha Q CELLS 295W Monocrystalline All Black Solar Panel

Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1 295

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The Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1 solar panels by Hanwha Q CELLS are engineered in Germany, manufactured in South Korea and sold by Q-CELLS North America in Irvine CA. The are built with 60 monocrystalline PV cells developed with Q.ANTUM proprietary technology. They operate at a peak efficiency of 17.1% performing extremely well under low light conditions, for example, during overcast weather.

The 32mm black frame of the panel is made with high strength anodized aluminum. I can withstand 5400Pa snow loads and 4000Pa wind loads. They are Class A, certified for UL 1703 and CE-compliant. These panels are all black, come with a black color back sheet for enhanced appearance. Q CELLS solar panels come with a 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance guarantee.

Model number: Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1 295
Dimensions: 65.7in × 39.4in × 1.26in / 1670mm × 1000mm × 32mm
Weight: 41.45 lb / 18.8 kg
Frame: Black anodized aluminum
Cells: 6 × 10 monocrystalline Q.ANTUM solar cells
Cable: 4mm2 Solar cable, 39in / 1000mm with MC4 comparable connectors

Nominal power: 295W
Short Circuit Current Isc: 9.7A 
Open Circuit Voltage Voc: 39.48V
Current at MPP Imp: 9.17A
Voltage at MPP Vmp: 32.19V

Complete grid-tie systems using Q-CELLS panels are available. For more information please visit BoxedSolar.com

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Hanwha Q CELLS Q.Peak-G4.1 Black

Specs for Hanwha Q CELLS 290W-300W Monocrystalline All Black Solar Panel

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Hanwha Q CELLS 295W Monocrystalline All Black Solar Panel

Hanwha Q CELLS 295W Monocrystalline All Black Solar Panel

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