APsystems YC600 YC600Y2 AC Bus Cable


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APsystems components are sold in packages only, a package must include a minimum of 3 microinverters.

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Use this trunk cable with APSystems YC600 dual microinverters. It is a continuous length of insulated and UV resistant 2.5mm2 12AWG cable. Every 2 meters (~ 6ft) the cable features a pre-installed connector plug for one microinverter.

When you are planning your layout, consider one connector for every two PV panels. The trunk cable can be installed similar to a standard outdoor-rated electrical cable.

Use the trunk cable to connect a branch of YC600 microinverters together. The cable can be cut to the desired length, depending on the number of microinverters to be installed in the branch. Use the T-CONN cap (sold separately) to seal any unused connector.

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APsystems YC600 YC600Y2 AC Bus Cable

APsystems YC600 YC600Y2 AC Bus Cable

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