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Tigo Energy TS4-R units can be used as a retrofit or as add-ons for your existing or new solar photovoltaic system. Once installed in the back of your PV module, it will help you improve your energy harvesting with greater flexibility and increased control over your PV system. 

The retrofit units from Tigo Energy consist of two pieces - the TS4-R base and the TS4 cover. The base is mounted on the frame of the solar panel (facing back), which allows any of the Tigo Energy TS4 covers to be plugged onto it. 

The TS4 retrofit units come preassembled (TS4-R base, plus Tigo Energy TS4 cover) in 3 versions: 

TS4-R-O is made for enhanced energy yield and increased design flexibility. The TS4-O cover is ideal for roofs with significant shading. It also offers safety, monitoring, and PV 2.0 synchronization. The TS4-O optimizes each module in the string, especially when production is decreased by shading.

TS4-R-S provides the necessary safety and monitoring services to ensure your solar system complies with local fire regulations. At the same time, it provides you with increased insight into system performance.

TS4-R-M allows continuous system monitoring to facilitate on-time maintenance. It helps reduce E&M cost for large installation fleets. 

About Tigo Energy
Tigo Energy is an American company with it's headquarters located in Los Gatos, California.  They provide services to installers and distributors worldwide.  Tigo Energy specializes in module-level power optimizers and smart module power electronics.  They provide products within the photovoltaic industry that include technologies and software. 

Tigo Energy developed the revolutionary TS4 platform (the smartest solar optimizer).  They also introduced a new concept to fully capture the TS4 capabilities with the Flex MLPE.  With the introduction of the Flex MLPE, it allows installations to be flexible and positions them years ahead of the competition.  What's great about the TS4 platform is that it can be selectively deployed, which allows you to mix and match functionalities at different price points on different modules in your system. The TS4 platform can come in different solutions, integrated and retrofit/add-on.

Tigo Energy is an innovative company that allows installers and owners to achieve the highest ROI.  Their technology allows the most cost effective solution in the market.  They have designed the number one PV solar panel technology which allows owners to have more modules on any roof, uneven string lengths and different orientations.  Tigo Energy delivers superior safety, reliability and monitoring.

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Tigo Energy TS4 Retrofit

Specs for Tigo Energy TS4 retrofit/add-on platform

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Tigo Energy / SMA TS4-R-S Retrofit Platform Safety

Tigo Energy / SMA TS4-R-S Retrofit Platform Safety

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