Enphase Energy Q Termination Cap Q-TERM-10


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Enphase IQ accessories are sold in packages only, a package must include a minimum of 6 microinverters.

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The Enphase Termination Cap Q-TERM-10 is used to safely terminate the unused end of an Enphase Q-Cable. This is the only method permitted by Enphase to seal the conductor end of a trunk cable. Use one Termination Cap for each AC branch circuit.

Enphase Energy is a worldwide company with its headquarters located in Petaluma, California. They are a global energy technology company that delivers straightforward, innovative and dependable energy management solutions. Enphase Energy is the market leader in microinverters. Their microinverter system is one of the most technologically advanced inverter systems for use with grid-tie, or utility-connected, solar electric systems.

Their microinverters are easy to install and can be easily expanded. With the Enphase system, shading on one panel won’t affect the output of any other panels. They make it easy to expand their system in a more cost effective way by adding another panel and another Enphase microinverter to the array.

Enphase Energy is a company that is committed to quality, reliability and environmental responsibility. Their commitment shows with every product they manufacture. Each system only comes to market after one million hours of power-on testing has been done.

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Enphase Energy Q Termination Cap Q-TERM-10

Enphase Energy Q Termination Cap Q-TERM-10

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