Magnum Energy ME-MGT500 MicroGT Microinverter


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ME-MGT500 sold with complete Magnum systems only.

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The ME-MGT500 Microinverter from Magnum Energy is an ideal solution for photovoltaic AC coupled systems. It is a unique and cost-effective microinverter that will allow monitoring of any off-grid solar system, enhancing battery life.

Up to 14 solar modules can be connected in a single string by using 7 Magnum microinverters and a 20A breaker for up to 3500W of PV power per branch. The connections between solar panels and microinverters are easy and streamlined. To install, just plug in each solar panel with its respective microinverter. This allows for quicker installations, reduction of manpower hours, and minimal cabling and accessories that are normally required for a wall mounted system.

The Magnum microinverter ME-MGT500 is compatible with a battery based hybrid Magnum inverter, allowing the addition of battery storage at any time. They support two PV panels per inverter. Ideally, it has to be connected to solar panels up to 310W, but it can support PV panels up to 365W. Each microinverter has two MPPT channels, one for each module.

It comes standard with a 25 year warranty.

Magnum Energy Microinverter model: ME-MGT500
Recommended PV module power range: 180-310W
MPPT voltage range: 22-45V
Maximum input voltage: 55V
Maximum input current: 12A x 2
Rated output power: 500W
Peak efficiency: 95.5%
Nominal AC output voltage/range: 240VAC/ 211-264V

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Microinverter ME-MGT500

Specs for Magnum Microinverter ME-MGT500, Storage-ready microinverter, ideal for AC coupled systems and extending battery life

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Magnum Energy ME-MGT500 MicroGT Microinverter

Magnum Energy ME-MGT500 MicroGT Microinverter

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