Midnite Classic 250-SL Solar Only MPPT Charge Controller

Classic 250-SL

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The MidNite Classic charge controller offers maximum flexibility and a number of features that will increase the reliability of your off-grid systems and the life cycle of your batteries. The Classic-SL is a solar only version of the standard Classic MPPT charge controller. It is a simplified version that does not include arc fault protection and it does not include Ethernet capabilities therefore the controller cannot be connected to the internet. Features like the use of My Midnite and Local App are disabled.

The controller comes with the standard ground fault interrupter to provide a safe installation. The graphics panel and the setting menu have both been simplified. The SL controllers do not include the dip switch programming that you find in the standard Classic model.

All Classic SL models are solar only charge controllers. They are not compatible with the output voltage of wind and hydro energy systems. All Classic SL charge controllers come with a 5 year warranty.

There are currently 3 Classic SL models that can accommodate large solar arrays with up to 150, 200, or 250 VDC of operating voltage.

MidNite model: Classic 250-SL
- 250VDC input MPPT charge controller
- 12VDC-72VDC battery charging output
- Controller 40-62Amp output
- Simplified graphics and menu
- Integrated ground fault protection

Open circuit voltage (Voc) is based on operating voltage plus the battery voltage. This is called the HyperVOC zone. The Classic charge controllers have MPPT modes for solar only. No hub is required for stacking Classics to act as one large controller.

They feature two auxiliary outputs, a dry contact relay and a 12V output. Each unit includes snap-on covers and hole plugs for sealing openings in dusty or salt-air environments. Keep in mind that about 20% reduction in output will result when used in sealed mode.

Use MidNite Solar Sizing Tool to help you design your system.

Midnite Solar has designed three series of Classic MPPT charge controllers: the Classic, the Classic Lite and the Classic SL. All models come in 150, 200, or 250 volts DC. The Classic is the most complete model while the Lite and the SL are simplified versions with fewer features. Below you can read more about the characteristics for each model.

The Classic
The Classic is a feature-rich charge controller designed by Midnite Solar. The Standard Classic features:

- 2 auxiliary outputs
- 1 auxiliary input
- Hyper VOC Extended VOC Limit
- Compatible with solar, wind, and hydro systems
- Ground fault protection
- Arc fault protection
- Graphics display
- Works with My Midnite and Local App (free firmware upgrades)
- Multiple display support
- Enabled for internet connectivity
- Five year warranty

The Classic Lite
The Classic Lite controller was released in an attempt to reduce the selling price of the unit for systems that do not require the more advanced features of the standard Classic. The Classic Lite does not have a front graphics display, featuring user-friendly deep-switch programming instead.

The Classic Lite also does not include the built-in arc fault protection feature that is required in installations governed by the National Electric Code (NEC).

The Classic Lite does not feature:
- Arc fault protection
- Graphics display

The Classic SL
MPPT controllers are designed to be used in wind and microhydro systems in addition to solar PV systems, but as the vast majority of Classic controllers have been installed in solar PV systems, Midnite Solar designed a simplified version that is programmed to operate exclusively with solar PV systems.

This new version, the Classic SL, has other features removed to further reduce the cost of the unit, which include arc fault protection and internet connectivity.

The Classic SL does not feature:
- Compatibility with wind and hydro energy systems
- Arc fault protection
- Internet connectivity

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Midnite Classic-SL Controller

Specs for Midnite Solar Classic-SL solar only MPPT charge controllers

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Midnite Classic 250-SL Solar Only MPPT Charge Controller

Midnite Classic 250-SL Solar Only MPPT Charge Controller

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