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This solar only 30A charge controller is designed by Midnite Solar for small to medium-sized renewable energy systems and is ideal for use with cabins, boats, RVs, or similar applications. The KID utilizes maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology to optimize the output of your PV array. It is certified to UL1741 and UL458 (marine supplement). The Marine model meets very strict vibration, environmental, and thermal requirements.

Midnite Solar has developed two models for the KID charge controllers; the standard KID (black) and the KID-Marine (white).

The selection process is fairly simple for the KID controller; all you need to know is where you plan on using your KID. The standard KID is perfect for land use, while the KID-Marine should be used for boats or in harsh environments.

The Standard KID (black)
The standard KID is a feature-rich charge controller designed by Midnite Solar. The Standard KID controller features:
- Auto Generator Start (AGS)
- MPPT Tracking
- Type 1 Environmental Rating
- Inputs and Outputs for two KIDs
- Input of up to 150V
- HyperVOC Extended VOC Limit
- 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V battery output
- Customizable Lighting Controller with day, night, and hourly settings
- Reverse Polarity Protection
- Front Panel Exchangeable Fuses for Battery, Input, and Load/Clipper
- LED and LCD Monitoring
- Wall Mount Adapter
- 2 Year Warranty

The KID-Marine (white)
The KID-Marine model adds several new features to the already impressive lineup of features on the standard KID. Notably, it swaps out the wall mount adapter for a marine mounting bracket and a battery temperature sensor that adjusts the charge voltage depending on battery temperature.

- Additional features for the marine model include:
- Battery Temperature Sensor
- Marine Mounting Bracket
- Compact Design without Sacrificing Performance
- Sealed for Harsh Environments: IP64 Rating - Type 1

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KID MPPT Charge Controller

Specifications for Midnite Solar KID MPPT charge controller

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Midnite Solar KID MPPT Charge Controller

Midnite Solar KID MPPT Charge Controller

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