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Morningstar ProStar PS-MPPT-25M Charge Controller with Meter


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If you are charging your 12V or 24V battery bank with a medium size solar array up to 1100W, the Prostar MPPT charge controller will provide you with exceptional reliability. It is the ideal product for medium-size solar arrays, controlling and monitoring fundamental aspects of your system. It performs continuous self-diagnostics to detect and report any potential errors, provides helpful information, and monitors battery life. 

Prostar charge controllers utilize an advanced version of Morningstar’s charging algorithm. This is Prostar's third generation of charge controllers, and they have maintained their high quality while adding more features. They are rated for indoor use and operate with 12V and 24V off-grid systems. A wide range of battery types is compatible with these charge controllers, such as sealed, lithium-ion, gel, AGM and flooded lead-acid.

The difference between PMW and MPPT controllers is the algorithm they follow to harvest power from the solar array. While the PMW (Pulse Width Modulation) charge controllers simply pull down the energy from the solar array, the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) quickly and accurately determines the array's most powerful point, providing 10-15% more charging capability. While this percentage might not be significant for small systems, it can make a considerable difference for medium and large systems.

Main features:
-Front display (optional) shows production values, system temperature, voltage, and current
-Meter display (optional) can program charging points, load control, communications, and advanced settings
-Charging status is indicated by 3 LEDs as well as any other solar input errors, thanks to its battery voltage stage terminals
-Durable equipment with a life expectancy of 15 years
-Saves daily data logging for up to 256 days
-Includes reverse polarity protection on input and output
-Comes with one RJ-11 meter bus port, lighting control, eight settings switches, custom settings, adjustable load control, protective terminal cover, firmware updates, and meter directional buttons
-Compliant with IEC 62109
-Four different versions available: PS-MPPT-25 (25 amp without meter); PS-MPPT-25M (25 amp with meter); PS-MPPT-40 (40 amp without meter); PS-MPPT-40M (40 amp with meter)
-5-year warranty included

Specs for the model number:
PS-MPPT-25M (with meter)
Nominal battery voltage: 12V, 24V
Maximum battery current: 25A
Maximum load current: 25A
Maximum PV open circuit voltage (Voc): 120V
Maximum solar array size at 12V: 350W
Maximum solar array size at 24V: 700W
Battery voltage range: 10-35V

Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS), Remote Meter (RM-1), PC MeterBus Adapter (MSC), USB Communications Adapter (UMC-1), Ethernet Communications Adapter (EMC-1), Meter Hub (HUB-1), Relay Driver (RD-1) and Ground Fault Protection Device (GFPD-150)

Morningstar is a pioneer manufacturer of quality charge controllers and inverters. Their products have been used in thousands of solar energy systems in more than 100 countries worldwide for the past 25 years. The design ensures protection against potentially problematic environments, such as extreme temperatures, lightning surges, and corrosion. Morningstar is committed to continue growing and developing remarkable renewable energy products for the market. 

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Morningstar ProStar MPPT

Specs for Morningstar ProStar MPPT Charge Controller

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Morningstar ProStar PS-MPPT-25M Charge Controller with Meter

Morningstar ProStar PS-MPPT-25M Charge Controller with Meter

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