Morningstar GFPD-150V Ground Fault Protection Device for 150V


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Morningstar's ground fault protection device was made to increase the safety and protection of off-grid and grid-tie systems. This device maximizes flexibility since it is possible to be used in positive and negative grounded PV systems. It is also compatible with other brands of charge controllers and inverters.

It can be used with multiple controller or single controller systems. When it is used in a multiple controller system it will shut off only the affected controllers and maintain the system earth bond for the rest of the units.

The use of fuses is avoided by using high-quality breaker switches that will continue working after a ground fault interruption.

This is a highly sensitive device that will detect current imbalances between the primary negative and positive PV conductors entering a charge controller or an inverter. It is more precise than a fused ground fault protector providing continuous and constant measurements.

The ground fault protection device from Morningstar comes in 150V and 600V models. These can isolate the battery, loads, charge controller and inverter from the PV array disconnecting both positive and negative conductors.

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Morningstar GFPD-150V

Specs for Morningstar GFPD-150V ground fault protection device

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Morningstar GFPD-150V Ground Fault Protection Device for 150V

Morningstar GFPD-150V Ground Fault Protection Device for 150V

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