Magnum Energy MM1524AE 1500W 24V Inverter Charger


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The Magnum MM-AE is a modified sine wave inverter/charger for small and medium size renewable energy systems. Is a compact, lightweight and  very easy to install inverter that will provide reliable power for your stand-alone system.
MM-AE inverters include a built-in PFC charger which allows the unit to require 20-30% less AC current from the generator to charge the batteries than other standard chargers. The MM-AE series come in a handsome hourglass case combined with a die cast aluminum base that is used as a heat sink.

These Magnum inverter/chargers are fan-cooled and can operate in confined spaces with poor ventilation. If the inverter overheats, it will automatically shutdown and resume operation after it cools down. They can be mounted in horizontally, vertically and even upside down. The MM-AE series include a standard 20Amp transfer relay to pass AC power through the inverter when using power coming from a generator or the grid. They also include low battery protection, in the event your batteries are discharged below the setting threshold, the inverter will shut down, protecting the batteries from possible damage. They will also shut down if the output exceeds the inverter's maximum power or if it detects a short in the circuit.  

Magnum MM-AE feature a front on/off switch and LED indicators. All models include input and output circuit protection breakers. The battery temperature sensor will monitor in a range from 0-50 C. All Magnum MM-AE inverter/chargers including models MM612AE, MM1512AE and MM1524AE, come standard with a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Magnum Energy model: MM1524AE
Continuous output power: 1500W
Input battery voltage range: 18-32VDC
Nominal AC output voltage: 120VAC (60Hz)

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Magnum MM-AE inverter/chargers

Specs for Magnum series MM-AE modified sine wave inverter/chargers for small and medium renewable energy systems

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Magnum Energy MM1524AE 1500W 24V Inverter Charger

Magnum Energy MM1524AE 1500W 24V Inverter Charger

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