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The Conext ComBox is a dynamic communications and monitoring device for the Conext SW and XW+ inverter/chargers and MPPT charge controllers. The ComBox features an integrated web server that enables graphic displays of the system’s daily, monthly, and lifetime energy data. This data can be viewed using any web browser, or on an Android device.

The ComBox’s settings can be changed and configured through the user-interface on the ComBox. A user-configurable data logger and an integrated FTP server provides the system with a powerful analytics tool to be used for data downloads and analysis.

The Modbus interface links Conext devices with third-party devices through RS485 or Ethernet ports. The ComBox is compatible with the Xanbus protocol devices.

In large, multi-cluster systems, the ComBox may be set up in a primary/replica configuration, allowing the system to monitor separate Xanbus networks and supported Modbus devices, including power meters.

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Schneider Combox

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Schneider Conext Combox Communications Device

Schneider Conext Combox Communications Device

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