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The ME-MW-W MagWeb Web communication kit is an useful and efficient monitoring hardware from Magnum Energy. It is an ideal solution for online monitoring for inverters, batteries, and automatic generator start modules. It can be accessed easily from the webpage

The MagWeb monitoring kit stores data for every 30 seconds and keeps historical data to track the performance of the system. It has a menu showing different variables that can be monitored. For example, the menu options for monitoring an inverter/charger are status, program settings, faults, DC voltage, DC amperage, charge LEDs and tech menus, in addition to battery monitoring status and auto generator start status if these are included in the system. 

The kit can be found in two different models, a wireless monitoring kit (ME-MW-W) and an ethernet connection monitoring kit (ME-MW-E). For both kits the sample rate is fixed to be given every 30 seconds. A total of 2,800 measurements a day.

The communication kits work with most of the inverter/charger Magnum series such as MM-AE series, MS series, MS-PAE series, MSH-RE series and RD series.

The MagWeb monitoring kit includes:
- MagWeb 802.15.4: Communication cables, mounting screws, antenna, and manual.
- Wireless 802.15.4 gateway: AC adapter, antenna and ethernet cable

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MagWeb web based monitoring kit

Specs for Magnum Energy MagWeb web-based monitoring system kit

Download datasheet

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Magnum Energy ME-MW-W MagWeb Web Based Monitoring Kit - Wireless

Magnum Energy ME-MW-W MagWeb Web Based Monitoring Kit - Wireless

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