240W Solar Charging Kit - 12/24V


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Use this large solar kit for charging either 12-Volt or 24-Volt battery systems. The charge controller will prevent the batteries from over charging. The charge controller's LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect) feature will disconnect all the loads when the voltage in the battery reaches a low level.

This solar kit includes mounting brackets and hardware to secure the solar modules to a wall or a pole.

The lead cables of this 120W solar module are equipped with safety MC4 connectors. This solar kit comes with a 30' 10AWG UV resistant MC4 cable. The 30' cable has a male MC4 connector in one end, and a female MC4 connector in the other end. The cable needs to be cut in half in order to have two 15' cables to connect the solar modules to the charge controller.

Also included in the kit are two MC4 branch connectors that are used to connect both solar modules in parallel; increasing the current delivered by the two modules while maintaining the voltage at 12V nominal.

The solar charging kit includes:
2 x SolarLand 120 Watt 12 Volt multicrystalline solar panel (SLP120-12U)
1 x Phocos 20 Amp charge controller with LVD (CMLup 20).
2 x Wall or Pole Mounting Kit (SLB-0114)
1 x 30' MC4 Connection Cable #10AWG
2 x MC4 Banch Connectors (Male and Female output)

Cables from the charge controller to the batteries are not included.

Download datasheet

Solarland 120W 12V Module

Specification sheet for Solarland 120-Watt 12-Volt polycrystalline solar module

Download datasheet

Pole/Wall Mount SLB-0114

Specifications and dimensions for SolarLand Pole and Wall Mount SLB-0114

Download datasheet

CMLup Charge Controller

Specs for Phocos CMLup Charge Controllers

Download datasheet

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240W Solar Charging Kit - 12/24V

240W Solar Charging Kit - 12/24V

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